PAGCOR Inks 5th Year of Responsible Gaming Partnership with Bridges of Hope



Strengthening their code of practice and furthering responsible gaming, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) signs a Memorandum of Agreement with Bridges of Hope for the fifth year.

This enduring partnership with Bridges of Hope, the country’s largest name in professional addiction treatment, underpins PAGCOR’s strong campaign for responsible gaming. This partnership aims to continue to provide help for casino patrons with gambling problems, so that they can seek professional treatment.

“We are lucky to have found Bridges of Hope, which we have partnered with for five years,” shares Dodie Tayag, Pit Officer, who was present during the MOA signing ceremony, which was held in Bridges of Hope’s facility in Quezon City. With the treatment center having eight facilities all over the country, including Parañaque, Rizal, Batangas, Pampanga, Cebu, Cavite, Quezon City, and Laguna, this allows PAGCOR’s gaming facilities access to professional help anywhere in the country.

“We are very proud to have Bridges of Hope as our partner, as you are one of the biggest rehab centers in the country,” Tayag adds. This partnership provides PAGCOR confidence that they can provide support in their facilities with a trusted name in addiction treatment.

The signed MOA includes setting up responsible gaming programs with a referral system for professional treatment assistance and services for gaming clients who acknowledge their need for support in dealing with problematic gaming and addiction.

With this, Bridges of Hope will provide life coaching, counseling, addiction treatment, wellness programs, and in-house rehabilitation services to clients referred to by PAGCOR.

Present during the MOA signing were PAGCOR Pit Manager Chris Dale Darvin, Pit Manager II Dodie Tayag, and Slot Manager Gonzalo Galura, Jr. They were joined by the Bridges of Hope team, namely Chairman and CEO Jon Ty, President Benjo Bernabe, and Executive Director for BH – Rizal Dean Calleja.

The partnership emphasizes that while gambling problems can’t be stopped, it can be regulated and people with problems can easily have access to top-notch and professional intervention through institutions such as Bridges of Hope. PAGCOR continues to regulate gaming, to ensure fair play, and put systems in place for people who need professional help.

“We are also proud and grateful that PAGCOR continues to trust Bridges of Hope and continues to strengthen our partnership for this fifth year. We fully support the regulatory body’s campaign for responsible gaming and we are up to the challenge. We are behind responsible gaming and are ready and capable to provide the necessary resources and help before irresponsible gaming becomes an even greater problem,” says Bridges of Hope CEO and President Jon Ty.

Bridges of Hope has a confidential helpline for those with gambling addiction and other kinds of addictions: 09175098826. This helpline provides assistance and gets people in touch with Recovery Professionals so that they can get treatment in any of Bridges of Hope’s facilities throughout the country. They can also be emailed at

Furthermore, Bridges of Hope offers companies and organizations drug education and recovery awareness seminars to further their advocacy of normalizing conversations around addiction, treatment, and recovery. This also aims to help end the dangerous stigma and beliefs surrounding addiction, as well as encourage people to reach out and seek the professional help that they may badly need.

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