10 Reasons Why Sober Guys Make the Best Boyfriends




Do sober guys really make the best boyfriends? Let’s find out.

In our culture when masculinity is equated with how much alcohol you can down, being sober can come with its set of stereotypes. If you don’t drink, for example, people will call you as “KJ” or “killjoy.” Sober men in general may also be stereotyped as overly serious or snobbish, too “square,” self-absorbed, or even a ticking time bomb that could fall back to addiction anytime.


However, what many people don’t know is that sober guys is just as diverse as those who drink. Better yet, they are less likely to get into all sorts of trouble as those guys who do drugs.

1. They have courage. Imagine being used living a certain way and suddenly you had to give it all up. That’s what it means to be sober. Sober guys know how it is to make tough choices, but the fact that they are still sober now shows how strong they are to make those decisions everyday.

2. They’re tough. Maybe they’re not as heavily built or muscled as the next guy, or maybe they are. Sober guys are just like any guy you know. However, that’s not what being tough is all about. Being tough, for sober guys, stems from within. They know how it is to go through some of life’s darkest moments and not give up, but instead rise above it and learn. And that’s what they are doing now. And you know that they can be there to hold your hand when you go through your dark times as well.

3. They’re not scared to show weakness. It doesn’t take being hard and tough to just be considered a real man. Sometimes, it’s also about not being shy about accepting weakness and asking for help. He’s the type that will approach you for whatever’s making them feel down and be willing to talk things through with you. They are not afraid to admit defeat as well.

4. They don’t take out their frustrations on you. Sober guys are pretty much self-sustaining when it comes to handling their emotional baggage. While they can share with you their burdens, they also have other outlets. And best of all, these outlets are healthy and constructive. They may turn to sports or other hobby, or turn to their well-cultivated network of support groups.

5. They are fairly more patient. Those who have gone through rehab to be sober are taught life skills that allow them to deal with situations well. This is why not a lot can faze them or ruffle their feathers. So when it comes to any hurdle in your relationship, you can count on them to work through it and be patient and understanding.

6. You won’t have to deal with their hangovers. Friday and Saturday nights are spent with them doing something more worthwhile, whether it’s going outdoors or some other activity instead of going on a binge. The following day, you don’t have to deal with them being cranky or lazy–you can better enjoy mornings and the rest of the day together.

7. They’re your designated drivers. While many sober guys would rather not be around alcohol or any other triggers, you can count on them to be level-headed just when you need them to be. During nights when you’ve had a drink too much, they’re there to pick you up and make sure you’re safely home.

8. They’re the same on Saturday night as on Monday morning. Unlike the guys who are fun, funny, and seemingly great when they’ve had a few drinks, but are total jerks the next day, sober guys are different. They don’t need booze, or even drugs, to have fun at a party or any social event for that matter. In fact, they are more present in the moment than those who rely on substances.

9. They won’t use being drunk or having a hangover for their bad behavior. In fact, they’ll be accountable for his behavior. Like anyone else, they could have their bad days, but they won’t chalk it off to being drunk, under the influence, crashing, or having a hangover.

10. You can be sure that he’s less likely to do something dumb. When you’re drinking or on drugs, you’re more likely to do something that you would regret afterwards. This is because you’re intoxicated. However, when you date sober guys, you can be sure that they’re going to behave and not get into trouble. They’re going to be clear-headed and won’t get into accidents that would have happened were they not sober.

In conclusion, sober guys may just be your best bet when it comes to dating and relationships. It’s better to think of them as like any other guy except with more discipline and restraint and less hassle.

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