7 Deadly Cancers Related to Alcohol Abuse



7 deadly cancers linked alcoholism

There are 7 deadly cancers that are related to frequent drinking and high amounts of alcohol, specifically alcohol abuse. Find out and see if these can finally convince you to let go of your drinking habit for good.

What many people may not know is that alcohol is, in fact, classified as a Group 1 carcinogen and is cited as one of the leading causes of 7 deadly cancers. Cutting down, or even staying sober for good, can greatly lower your risk. 

7 deadly cancers linked alcoholism

How Alcohol Increases Your Risk for Deadly Cancers

Alcohol, particularly the ethanol found in most alcoholic beverages, are metabolized by the body and turns it into a toxic chemical and known carcinogen called acetaldehyde, which damages the DNA and essential proteins in your body. It also causes the production of chemicals in the body that damage DNA, lipids, and fats essential for normal biological function on a cellular level.

Furthermore, alcohol makes it harder for your body to absorb essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, B complex vitamins, Vitamin C, folates, and many others. This also causes you to have an increased susceptibility for developing deadly cancers.

7 Deadly Cancers Related to Alcohol Abuse

1. Breast cancer. Many women and, in rare cases, in men, have developed breast cancers that are linked to their lifestyle particularly alcohol abuse.

2. Liver cancer. Alcohol is a primary cause of this kind of cancer. Excessive and prolonged alcohol consumption leads to impairment in lover function as well as the development of cancer.

3 – 5. Cancers in the mouth, pharynx and larynx. These types of deadly cancers are due to direct exposure to carcinogens, such as alcohol. Those who smoke while drinking are also at a greater risk.

6. Esophageal cancer. This so-called food pipe can also be prone to exposure to alcohol and can therefore develop cancer cells.

7. Colorectum cancer. Also called bowel cancer, this has significant links to alcohol consumption.


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