7 Reasons to Go to a Bridges of Hope Rehab Today



What’s in a rehab such as a Bridges of Hope Rehab Center?

No one wants to go to a rehab. Not at first, anyway. Most of the time, on top of the stigma surrounding rehab centers in the Philippines, people who are addicted don’t think they need to go to a rehab today, or any day. There’s no sense of need, purpose, or urgency for them.

After all, going to a rehab is a scary thought. It is a loaded idea. To accept that there’s a problem and that it is so serious that it requires professional help, not to mention a long treatment period.

bridges of hope rehab today

For those battling different kinds of addiction, whether it’s with a substance or an activity such as gambling, going to a treatment center or even a Bridges of Hope Rehab Center means leaving the life they are used to and comfortable in. It means leaving their friends, their family, their lifestyle. It means leaving the familiarity of their addiction. And it means change. And for an addict, no one wants change.

This said, if you’re one of those who are thinking if rehabs do work, or are considering taking a loved one to a Bridges of Hope Rehab facility, here are some reasons that may help push you forward in the right direction.

7 Reasons to go to a Bridges of Hope Rehab today

  1. Quitting addiction on your own can be dangerous. If you’ve been using drugs or alcohol especially for a long time now, you may experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have these substances in your system. Withdrawal from certain addictive substances, including alcohol which is the most dangerous actually, can have excruciating effects. It may need medical supervision to ensure that you withdraw safely. Some withdrawal symptoms include high blood pressure, insomnia, panic attacks, hallucinations, seizures, and severe dehydration.
  2. Rehab can teach you to live sober. A good rehab program will not only keep you away from your addiction so you are sober during the program. It should also teach you to live a sober life that you can sustain long after you graduate from the program.
  3. Rehab can get you your life back. If before your addiction has a choke hold on your life and your behavior, even your finances and relationships, you can now get your life back with rehab. Addiction, whether it’s on substances or behaviors, can alter your brain chemistry and your brain’s reward system. With the right treatment program, you can rewire your brain so that you will have better self-control and decision-making. You won’t need drugs anymore to help you cope.
  4. Rehab can save your life. It’s not that hard to see that those with addictions have a shorter life span than those without. Not only can addiction harm the body and brain. It can also put the addict in tough, compromising, and even fatal situations that can put their life at risk.
  5. Rehab can help you find yourself. Under a rehab program, you can get to know yourself even more and establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself. You are not clouded or intoxicated by the substances so you can think more clearly and have better perspective not just in your life but also about yourself.
  6. Rehab can help save your relationships. Going into a rehab such as Bridges of Hope is about your personal journey. However, somewhere along the way, it will also teach you the importance of the relationships in your life. It can help you rebuild broken or even burned bridges, reconnect with your loved ones, and make amends to people you have hurt while you were on active addiction.
  7. Rehab can help you look forward to a better life. The best thing about getting treatment from a trusted rehab facility such as Bridges of Hope is that you can also look forward to a better life. You’ll feel excited to see how you can do things better. While in rehab, you will be surrounded by peers and a robust support group. This, you can bring as you complete your program. You will know that you are not alone and that you have some place to turn to. You can look forward now to a life with hope.

Choosing to go to a rehab now can help you gain control over your life and turn things around. Even if you have been to a treatment center before, you may want to revisit your treatment again, or even get a more robust program and stronger support from Bridges of Hope.

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