7 TED Talks About Addiction Worth Watching Now



Despite of the many advances we have about addiction research, recovery, and treatments, there are still stigma around addiction. Many people, especially here in the Philippines, still carry and spread misinformation.

For many who are struggling with addiction, denial is their friend. They don’t want to acknowledge that there is a problem and that things are already getting out of hand. Meanwhile, there are those who are what we call functional addicts because they appear to have everything figured out while still feeding their addiction. It’s these types of people who don’t think there’s any need to stop or seek help.

Then, there are people who still treat addicts as lepers. As if these people with behavioral disorders or substance use disorders have some form of infectious disease.

To help you find a good grasp of the reason and effects of addiction, as well as hear inspiring stories, here are some you can watch. The following are the 7 TED Talks about addiction that can help enlighten you/.

7 TED Talks About Addiction

  1. Gray Area Drinking (Jolene Park). This is about drinkers who say they are merely social drinkers, but always end up downing way more than they initially intend to. Can you relate? This way and level of drinking may not necessarily be abuse, but it’s uncomfortably close. There are those so-called “gray area drinkers” who may stop once in a while, but they never really stop.
  2. Recover Out Loud (Tara Conner). Tara is a former Miss USA winner who had addiction struggles from the age of 14. Her TEDTalk details her upbringing and her struggles with addiction. This talk is part of her advocacy to curb the dangerous stigma around addiction and let people know that recovery is indeed possible.
  3. I’ve Been Duped by Alcohol (Paul Churchill). Paul talks about how he drinks so much that he blacks out 6 to 7 times a week. He shares his story about the dangers of alcohol and his own recovery journey.
  4. Drinking and How It Changed My Life (Anne Dowsett-Johnston). Anne reveals the impact of drinking and how her life of sobriety has changed her life. This is a great talk especially for people who often have a cavalier attitude towards alcohol.
  5. Addiction is a Disease. We Should Treat it Like One (Michael Botticelli). A recovering alcoholic and having worked in the Obama Administration as a Director of Drug Policy, Michael shares how addiction is being treated. He details our history of addiction treatment in the US and how this can be better addressed.
  6. Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong (Johann Hari). Johann pushes his audience to think of addiction in a new way. He talks about his own experiences, alongside the world’s latest developments on addiction research. He talk about the root of addiction and what we can do about it.
  7. The Stigma of Addiction (Tony Hoffman). In his TEDTalk, Tony talks about how he claws his way back from addiction, homelessness, and prison. He shows his story of redemption and recovery and how he is now helping others through sports like BMX and skateboarding.

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