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Bridges of Hope is one of the leading addiction rehab Philippines providers with 7 treatment centers all over the country. It recently opened its doors to its centers in Binangonan, Rizal and another one in Los Baños, Laguna.

In this article, Bridges of Hope rehab Philippines shares 8 of the most common behavioral addictions that they treat.

What is a behavioral addiction?

Contrary to popular belief, addiction does not only involve substances such as drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs. Addiction may also involve behaviors, which also light up the same brain pathways and reward systems like when a person is hooked on illicit substances.

In fact, behavioral addictions begin the same way substance addictions do. The neurochemicals flood the brain similarly. And, like with substances, there are some people who are more predisposed to developing behavioral addiction than others. This means people may engage in certain behavior without it becoming a compulsion or a problem, and then there are those who end up doing these behaviors at unhealthy levels.

rehab Philippines behavioral addictions

Let’s take a look at some of the most common behavioral addictions being treated in rehab Philippines.

  1. Gambling Addiction. This is actually a clinical addictive disorder. It is a behavioral disorder that most likely resembles drug and alcohol addiction. Here are some signs of gambling addiction or problematic gambling that you can read more about.
  2. Sex Addiction. Sex addiction is an obsessive craving for sex or sexual activities. It is categorized as a hypersexual behavior disorder. What makes this an addiction is when a person loses control and disregards the risks and consequences in order to engage in sexual activities. More on sex addiction on this blog.
  3. Internet Addiction. This is perhaps one of the most common addictions that has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over-exposure to, and over-use of , the internet can lead to many problems. People with this kind of addiction often have lack of control and would prefer time on the internet instead of actual interactions. Their internet use may also have negative consequences on their home and family life, work, reputation, health, and overall well-being.
  4. Shopping Addiction. Shopping addiction is more than just retail therapy. There are people who are so into this kind of behavior that they lose their homes, jobs, and life savings over this. They may also be involve din legal trouble. Compulsive shopping, or shopping addiction, often affects men more than women, and can also be treated similarly like other behavioral addictions– through counseling and therapy.
  5. Video Game Addiction. This type of addiction affects many people of more diverse age groups and even economic status. Whether it’s a console, a personal computer, or a mobile device, video game addiction has also become more prevalent now, especially with younger people. There are those who compromise their education, family relationships, and health over video games.
  6. Plastic Surgery Addiction. The age of social media has brought forth these twisted beliefs and standards about beauty. And so, more people want to improve the way they look, or they want to look like the people they see online. They find going under the knife more satisfying the more they do it. It becomes more like an obsession to the point that even their doctors would refuse them and they would go to another. People with this disorder are often classified to have body dysmorphic disorder more than cosmetic surgery addiction.
  7. Food Addiction. People with this disorder often binge eat. This means that they use food to cope with emotions, whether they are happy, sad, lonely, bored. Then, they tend to eat more than they initially planned and then also end up guilty and feeling bad afterwards; but then this turns into a destructive cycle. However, many experts believe that this disorder can be due to insidious, underlying disorders such as depression.
  8. Risky Behavior Addiction. These are the so-called thrill seekers who seem to get the same rush as those who take a hit of narcotics. Those who are addicted to dangerous activities such as sky diving, rock climbing, and even extreme sports.

One thing that we need to note is that a behavior becomes an addiction if they meet the criteria we have detailed in this article.

Should you need treatment for yourself or your loved one, Bridges of Hope Philippines is here. Talk to us today!

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