8 Promises of Getting Off Drugs




Getting off drugs for good isn’t as simple as you think it is. It’s actually a life-long journey. However, by committing to sobriety, you are actually fulfilling the promises you want for yourself which you think you can get by doing drugs.

If you have lived with someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, then you know very well that these substances bring nothing but broken hearts and broken promises. If you are someone who is struggling with substance addiction,t hen you know all too well that nothing else comes before your search for the next high brought by these substances. Drugs and alcohol become your higher power, your “god,” your motivation, your driving force, your reason for living. You even think that life will be so much better when you take that hit or shove another drink–but the truth has never been so far. Instead, your life goes through a downward spiral, into a trap that you can’t seem to claw your way out of.



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Fortunately, there’s a better way through life than the daily search for your high. Getting off drugs and finally becoming sober can actually deliver you the life that you wanted and sought drugs for.

Here are the 8 promises of sobriety and getting off drugs for good

1. You will not fail. So you’ve come to use drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with life’s challenges. But then, what starts out as a way to unwind after a long day is now a daily struggle to avoid withdrawal. By getting treatment and staying sober, you are able to break the vicious and destructive cycle. The beginnings may be hard, but the longer it gets, the better it feels. It will give you a fresh perspective in life and once you’re on the path to recovery, you can’t fail.

2. You will feel good around people. If before you turn to substance abuse as your security blanket, now you have no crutch to stand on but your own sober two feet. As a sober person in recovery, you will learn that you can still have fun even without the influence of any substance. You become comfortable in your skin and around people. You become present in their lives and are able to make time spent with them so much more worthwhile.

3. You are safe. With all the killings reported in the media today, it’s hard to think about safety without some fear for your life–especially when you are on drugs. And even more so if you have crossed over into pushing and trafficking. Once you enter a life of sobriety, you can be sure that you are safe. All the warm sense of bliss and security the drugs made you feel before is all an illusion. By getting off drugs, you are turning back from the substances that make you commit crime, engage in risky behavior, have unprotected sex, and many other activities that will lead you to harm.

4. You will finally be free of stress. Perhaps before you indulge in drugs and alcohol because you think you deserve it all after a stressful stretch at work. However, you can’t be even more wrong. Drugs only relieve stress in the short-term, in fact bringing you even more problems. Once you decide to be sober and get into treatment, you will learn lessons and techniques to manage stress and deal with them.

5. You will get yourself back. If before drugs have consumed your whole being to the point that not even your children and spouse can recognize you anymore, this time it will be different. Sobriety promises you a chance to discover or rediscover who you really are and what your potentials in life are.

6. You can relieve pain. Drugs and alcohol can’t relieve pain. Maybe they did for a short while, but this doesn’t go to the deeper issues you are suffering and trying to escape from. By getting treatment, you are addressing these issues and you learn how to cope with them.

7. You will be happy. The euphoria you feel when you use drugs is just an illusion. Get off drugs and you start to see just how miserable you have made yourself–and your family–become. The temporary pleasure drugs bring comes with a steep price. Once you start to be sober, you take control of your own happiness until you eventually learn what real happiness is.

8. You learn to trust yourself. You have been controlled like a puppet by your addiction. You and the people around you can’t trust you. But once you step into recovery, you learn crucial life lessons that can make you a better person, someone whom you can better love and appreciate. You can also serve as an inspiration to others, making you grow more and more.


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