8 Ways to Deal with Toxic People in Your Life




Have you encountered toxic people lately? How did you deal with them?

Life is full of challenges, and you actually don’t need other people to make it harder for you. However, difficult people are unavoidable–you come across them every once in a while. And they can really be a handful. You’ll end up trounced, pounced, and utterly exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s why they’re called toxic people after all.


What are toxic people?

Toxic people are energy vampires. They can manipulate, betray, deceive, lash out, leech, and basically just drain all that is good and positive in you. While it’s normal for us to exhibit these kinds of behaviors from time to time, what separates toxic people from ordinary ones is that they embody these behaviors most of the time without knowing how it negatively affects them and other people.

Good news is, there are people who are skilled at recognizing toxic people and handling them. If you want to know how they do it, read on.

8 Ways to Deal with Toxic People

1. Pay attention to your own behavior. What makes you an easy prey? Do you easily let people mistreat you without calling them out? Would you rather keep quiet and take it than “rock the boat,” so to speak? How you handle yourself can make you an easy target, so pay attention to your own behavior and responses.

2. Explore your reactions. Do you close up when threatened? Or do you rise to the occasion? Either way, how you react may make it more challenging and more satisfying to toxic people. Instead, be calm and stand up for yourself without further provoking them. Don’t let your emotions get in your own way.

3. Trust yourself. You may be staying in a relationship with toxic people longer than you should be. And it could take a toll on your own well-being. You know yourself, so if you feel there’s something wrong, stand up for yourself and don’t make excuses for the other person.

4. Don’t justify your relationship. Don’t stay in the relationship just because you’ve been with the person for a long time, or that you’re used to having the person around. While you feel like you’ve made a big emotional investment in the relationship, letting go may probably be the best thing you could ever do.

5. Be objective. Don’t think that it will get better if you stay longer. That’s a trap. When the toxic people in your life does something good, you get a high and it’s also like an addiction. You hope things will get better from there, but then it doesn’t and you end up going round in circles.

6. Have boundaries. Be kind to yourself. Set boundaries on what you can tolerate and what you can’t. Have a healthy boundary and negotiate them when necessary. Stand up for these boundaries, otherwise toxic people will just keep walking all over them.

7. Anticipate further manipulation. Once you’ve set your boundaries, don’t expect toxic people to follow. They may pounce on you harder as they try to break you. Just hold your ground.

8. Don’t normalize toxic and abusive behavior. You may be used to how you’re being treated by toxic people, but this is also unhealthy on your part. Emotional, verbal, and physical abuse is never okay.

People with addiction may exhibit toxic behavior as well. You can, however, break the cycle. Call our helpline at 09175098826.


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