Addiction and Violence: Get Out and Get Help




Addiction and violence is a deadly mix. Before things get out of hand, get out and get help.

Addiction can turn a beloved family member into a stranger. It can also turn a peace-loving and rational person into someone completely volatile and violent. Many addictions can put a person at a higher risk of being violent, but drugs and alcohol addiction are the ones most often linked to violence because it impairs judgment and causes many other behavioral changes.

While addiction doesn’t necessarily cause violence, addiction and violence are highly linked. The two can co-occur, and those who are addicted are more prone to being violent, also causing more serious injuries.


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Problems of Addiction and Violence

Those who abuse drugs and alcohol can become violent towards strangers, friends, and even their own family members. There are many reports of people hurting and even molesting their own spouses and children while they are under the influence.

Aside from this, addicts can also turn to violence to commit crimes. Often, these crimes are committed in order to support their lifestyle and addiction.

What You Can Do

If you have a family member who has a tendency for violence when he is intoxicated, it is important to prioritize your safety. Remove yourself, and any children, from the situation, even if it means leaving the house to find shelter with a neighbor or a close relative.

When it comes to these situations, you have to keep in mind that safety is number one. Yes, you may love the addict, they may even be loving and caring when they’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, it is dangerous to stay in the relationship or at home if these violent outbursts occur on a regular basis.

You can also contact the authorities when worse comes to worse. This is especially important when the violence causes great injury or even greater threat to your lives, and when children are involved.

Family members who experience addiction-related domestic violence should not only call authorities, however. They should also seek help for their loved ones. As long as the addict is using, the violence will continue, hurting them and you, and everyone around you.


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