Adultery and Addiction: How the Two Often Go Together



Addiction and Adultery Bridges of Hope

“Almost everything that happens to an addict happens to someone who has an affair.” This is a powerful and thought-provoking statement by Dr. Scott Haltzman, author of “The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity” and Brown University assistant professor of psychiatry.

According to him, the signs of alcohol and drug abuse, such as hiding behaviors, being secretive, investing time and money, lying about activities, and changing every aspect of one’s life–these are all hallmarks of adultery as well. May times, people who abuse substances also try to break away from the substance and fail. The same may also go to people who have affairs.

Addiction and Adultery Bridges of Hope

However, things can be a little too complicated when people who have addictions are also involved in adultery.

The Modern Marriage Fabric

These days, it’s quite normal to hear of people from broken marriages and broken families. In fact, it’s more uncommon to hear of people married for a long time and really sticking it out for a lifetime.

Marriage is indeed delicate, and when it comes to the breakup of a marriage or partnership, it’s often due to two culprits: adultery and addiction. Unfortunately, the two often go together, as one feeds off on the other.

Adultery and Addiction: The Link

When people abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol, it definitely affects the way they think, feel, and behave. Often, these changes happen when they use the substances, but a pattern develops until these changes become the norm.

What was right and moral may be swept under the rug while they use. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they may also become more impulsive, too confident, and more prone to poor judgment. They may do things they wouldn’t have done were they straight and sober.

Then, when they wake up to what they have done, things can be difficult to deal with. But then, they have to live with the consequences of what they have done.

They may have contracted STD from not being level-headed enough to use protection. They may have gotten into a casual relationship that they can’t sustain or been with a person they don’t even really like. Furthermore, for those people who are already married and in a relationship, they may have committed adultery. They may also have gotten caught. These things and more weren’t considered before the deeds were done, and so they would have to deal with these consequences.

Then, more worry and anxiety comes in as problems arise due to what they have done while under the influence. Therefore, they will resort to using more of the substances in order to deal with or escape their situation. And the vicious cycle begins.

Adultery and Addiction: The Result

Adultery and addiction go well together, as they feed off each other. Tragically, the results are, more often than not, crushing. Partners fight, marriages dissolve, families get broken.

Meanwhile, the people who have developed substance addiction are in for a wide range of problems even after they have lost everything. They would still cling to their addiction until it is all they have.

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