Blackouts and Excessive Alcohol Consumption




Do you experience blackouts when you drink? Do you experience just waking up after a night of heavy drinking and not remembering anything that happened?


People drink for different reasons: to celebrate, to socialize, to cope with problems, or to mark a memorable occasion. However, there’s a fine line between moderate drinking and heavy drinking. In fact, binge drinking or heavy drinking within just a short period of time, is common among adults and even teens.

Unfortunately, what can start off as a casual drinking session with friends can end in disaster as excessive alcohol intake can cause unintentional injuries such as falls, accidents, car crashes, to name a few. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause blackouts and alcohol poisoning which can be fatal.

Blackouts During Alcohol Consumption

Many people can pass out from intoxication especially after drinking a lot of alcohol. Alcohol causes the brain to reduce its neural activities so that thinking and movement can be impaired. However, there’s a difference between passing out to really having blackouts from excessive alcohol consumption.

Blackouts caused by excessive alcohol consumption is a severe version of a decreased neural function. Such blackouts also bring about amnesia or memory loss. This is because high amounts of alcohol affects the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for creating memories. What is worse is these blackouts can also cause many injuries, especially when driving or handling machinery.

Furthermore, these alcohol-induced blackouts can also cause long-term damage to the brain, causing abnormalities to the brain’s functions and forms.

These blackouts also are a sign of a developing alcohol addiction. In fact, most alcoholics experience blackouts in the early stage of addiction.

Blackouts and Alcohol Poisoning

Meanwhile, blackouts pose a fatal danger in cases of alcohol poisoning, as this can lead to alcohol overdose that can cause sudden death.

Are you experiencing these blackouts when you drink? You may have an alcohol addiction that needs to be treated before things take a turn for the worse. Call us at 09175098826.

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