Choosing the Best Drug Rehab for You or a Loved One



So you or someone you know is battling substance addiction? How do you choose the best drug rehab? Read on to find out.

The kind of addiction rehab facility you need depends on the severity of the addiction, whether it’s a substance addiction or a non-substance or behavior addiction, your mental health, and your personal circumstance.

Typically, those with a full-blown addiction would need more intensive treatment than those with minor drinking or gambling problems, for example.

Furthermore, personal circumstances are also considered. This include your family and support system, financial situation, ability to pay, employment status, and living environment.

Mental health is also considered, as there could be co-occurring mental health disorders that also affect the kind of treatment that you or your loved one will require.

While there are many facilities that boast of nice amenities and picturesque locations, these things are insignificant. You are not looking for a vacation or a staycation. You are looking for a bigger, deeper, more profound healing. These fittings are insignificant if the facility you chose doesn’t provide the kind of treatment that you need.

Therefore, if you are going to choose the best drug rehab for you or your loved one, you should consider the following:

How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab for You

Take a look at the kind of services that a facility offers. If you’re addicted to alcohol, for example, does the facility offer medically supervised alcohol detox?

Services Offered

Does the facility offer other addiction treatment approaches? If you don’t know about these, make sure to talk to a representative, particularly a counselor or facilitator to find out more. Do your research as well.

How does it address rebuilding family relationships? Does it offer group and family therapy as well as marriage counselling? Does it have an aftercare program for a more sustainable sobriety and a consistent support system of peers?

Co-Occurring Disorders

There are those who have struggled with substance addiction or behavioral addiction while also experiencing co-occurring mental health issues.

It’s important to note here if you have any history of depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems that may be feeding off the addiction in a vicious cycle.

This said, make sure that your rehab facility has the capability and credentials to treat co-occurring disorders.

Residential VS Outpatient Treatments

Residential, also called in-patient, facilities provide multiple months of treatment while you are staying in the facility. They provide longer stay and more intensive treatment programs.

There are also out-patient facilities that provide less than 30 days of treatment and therapy, but are advised for those that have minor substance abuse issues.

Medication Assisted Treatment Programs

There are addictions that require medication as part of the treatment plan. This means facilities must have in-house medical and nurse teams along with medication-assisted treatment programs that are right for you.

Family Therapy Programs

Family is one of the primary support systems of someone in recovery. Being surrounded by supportive family members make recovering addicts more likely to have life-long sobriety.

This said, it’s important that facilities also provide family-based therapy and marriage counselling to help recovering addicts.


Is the rehab facility you’re looking at even accredited by the Department of Health? Are they compliant to regulations? Do they have proven success rates?

Just because the treatment is cheap, popular, or easily accessible doesn’t mean they can provide quality care that is right for you. In fact, getting poor quality care may even make things worse. Having a bad experience in rehab may disenchant you or a family member from getting treated in the first place. They may be turned off by the idea of treatment when in fact it has already helped millions all over the world.

Make sure the facilities you chose have accreditation and are manned by a staff of experienced and internationally credentialed addiction professionals who undergo comprehensive trainings and evaluations.

Location and Amenities

Make sure the rehab you chose is accessible. They must also be strategically located close to hospitals, clinics, and emergency services should a need arise. They must also be easily accessible to visiting family members.

They must also provide a safe, private, secure, and conducive environment that keeps residents away from triggers or distrations.

At Bridges of Hope, we have five facilities all over the country as we reach out and offer high-quality addiction rehab treatment to individuals and families all over the Philippines. We have facilities in BF Homes in Paranaque (Metro Manila), New Manila (Quezon City), Lipa City (Batangas), Angeles City (Pampanga), and Mandaue City (Cebu).

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