Know Someone Who is a Gambling Addict? Here’s What You Should Do



Gambling Addict

Dealing with a gambling addict can be stressful. Living with someone who has an addiction such as gambling brings a whole new dimension to any relationship–and all of it isn’t good. As someone who cares about the gambling addict in your life, what you can do is to let them see the consequences of their actions and be there for them should they eventually acknowledge the problem. You should also encourage them to seek help.

Gambling Addict

Here’s what else you should do if you are a partner or family member of a gambling addict.

What to Do if You’re a Partner or Family Member of a Gambling Addict

Dos of Dealing with a Gambling Addict

  1. Recognize that the gambling addiction is the problem, not the person itself.
  2. Recognize that it’s an impulse-control disorder.
  3. Remain calm when speaking about their gambling habit and the consequences of their actions.
  4. Let them know how their gambling affects you (and your family, kids, etc).
  5. Explain problem gambling to your kids, if you have them.
  6. Understand that this, like other things, are out of your control.
  7. Understand that it needs to be treated by professionals.
  8. Set boundaries about money matters and other things.
  9. Never enable.
  10. Seek your own support system. Whether or not they’re going through the same problems as you, find someone whom you trust and can rely on.

Don’ts of Dealing with a Gambling Addict

  1. Preach, lecture, or blame them.
  2. Lose control of your anger.
  3. Use negative statements or pin every things that goes wrong in your life on them.
  4. Expect the person to change overnight.
  5. Bargain with them, expecting they’ll stop gambling because they love you.
  6. Enable the gambler by paying for their losses or covering up for them.
  7. Bait out on them.
  8. Lie for or with them so they can continue what they’re doing.

Having a professional to intervene and provide treatment can greatly help. Call or text us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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