Problem Gambling: Causes, Signs and Effects



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Do you have a gambling problem? Or do you know someone who have been in trouble due to problem gambling? What is problem gambling anyway? Know the facts and what can be done about it.

Problem gambling has many faces. Just look at the variety of people you see frequenting casinos. They have different age groups, have different cultures and jobs, and they have different income ranges. You can see a well-made businessman or a housewife gambling in casinos or doing other forms of betting.

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Problem gambling can happen suddenly, or it may develop over many years. One thing is for sure though: it always ends badly.

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling is excessive gambling. While there are people who go to casinos or bet on horse races or cockfights from time to time as a form of recreation, there are those who take things to the extreme.

There are those who goes to their place of gambling everyday. They lose sleep, lose appetite, lose jobs, lose money, and even lose families over their gambling activities. You will know that it is problem gambling when the gambling has created a whole string of troubles for the person and even for those around him.

Problem gambling can start because they want to come back and gamble again in hopes to win back their losses. It may also be due to wanting to be in on the action, not missing out on all the possibilities of a win. For some, it may even start off as a relief, an escape, even a form of recreation.

Signs you are a problem gambler

It is problem gambling when it:

  • gets in the way of your livelihood or work, school, other responsibilities
  • harms your health (losing sleep, not eating, etc.)
  • you start to neglect personal hygiene or even grooming
  • harms you financially (debts, selling property, swindling people, stealing, etc)
  • causes concern or alarm from friends and family
  • causes problems with people close to you

Effects of Problem Gambling

  • Financial problems
  • Impact on families (emotional problems, isolation, family members feel neglected)
  • Physical health problems (headaches, ulcers, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc)
  • Mental health problems (anxiety, depression, etc)
  • Physical and emotional abuse on loved ones or co-dependents
  • Suicidal risks

Do you have a gambling problem or know someone who has? Please consider help. Bridges of Hope is just a call or text away: 09175098826.

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