Tools in Recovery: How to Gain Self-Control




Self-control is important for everyone. It helps us avoid getting into situations that can have a negative impact on our lives as well as on other people.

Many people who fall into the trap of addiction start out with a lack of self-control. This can then turn into a domino effect of patterns and behaviors that lead them to resort to trying out drugs, alcohol, or behaviors such as gambling. These can then develop into substance or behavioral addictions.


What is self-control?

Self-control is what you develop by moderating your behavior. It is actually a skill and an important tool in recovery learned in addiction treatment and rehab, such as what Bridges of Hope provides.

People, however, don’t have to be addicted to something to say that they lack self-control. Just the inability to resist urges or rein in their impulses can show that they don’t have self-control.

How to control cravings

Getting self-control doesn’t happen overnight. You have to practice and practice over time until it comes naturally to you.

At Bridges of Hope, residents learn how to stall, find distractions, and create healthy boundaries in order to resist urges and cravings. As you learn self-control and practice it, you will find that, in time, resisting urges becomes easier and easier until it becomes second nature to you.

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