Women and Alcohol: The Hidden Risks of Drinking for Women




Women from different cultures enjoy alcohol for many reasons. However, when it comes to drinking alcohol and its effects, women are more vulnerable even at smaller amounts. Heavy and frequent drinking can cause a range of health problems such as liver disease and increased risk for breast cancer.


While men are more likely to develop alcohol drinking problems, women are faced with many issues and pressures such as depression and anxiety, which causes them to turn to alcohol as a way to self-medicate. Furthermore, women are more likely to recover from dependence. Still, that does not discount that many women suffer from alcohol dependence and are still not getting the treatment that they need.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Women

1. Women are at an increased risk of contracting liver disease such as hepatitis. They are also more likely to die from liver cirrhosis.

2. They are also more likely to have alcohol-induced brain damage, causing reduced brain size and mental function.

3. Women who drink heavily may also suffer from osteoporosis, which is the thinning of bone tissue. This can cause hip fractures and frequent falls.

4.  They are also at risk for premature or early menopause.

5. Women in child-rearing ages are also more likely to develop infertility.

6. Pregnant women who drink can also have miscarriages

7. Women of all ages who heavily drink can also suffer from high blood pressure and a range of heart problems.

8. They are also at an increased risk for developing breast cancer.

Heavy drinking in women

In women, there’s a fine line between healthful and harmful drinking. And this line can easily be crossed–with detrimental effects.

Alcohol’s effects on women is more unique because of different factors. For one, women metabolize alcohol more slowly than men, so alcohol stays in their bodies much longer.

Women also weigh less than men, containing less water and more fatty tissues. This means alcohol remains in higher concentrations for longer periods in their bodies and brain, causing more significant effects.

Aside from these physical effects, alcohol can also cause violence against women. Many women who are intoxicated are more at risk for being taken advantage of. Women who are also physically and sexually abused in the past are also more prone to becoming alcohol dependent later on in life. This triggers what could be a cycle of violence and abuse for women.

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