10 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much During the Coronavirus Pandemic



10 signs drinking too much coronavirus pandemic

So you may be one of the very lucky few who were able to stock up on a different kind of alcohol during this coronavirus pandemic–booze.

With the Enhanced Community Quarantine brought by the global coronavirus pandemic still being extended, people are stuck in the house for a more prolonged amount of time. They could be stressed and bored, and so drinking is normal.

signs drinking too much during coronavirus pandemic

This said, there’s also been a prolonged liquor ban accompanying the ECQ, to the dismay of many. However, there are still those who were able to stock up–or even acquire–some alcohol.

Kicking back with a few beers or relaxing the nerves amidst this uncertain situation. This can be perfectly normal for many, even before this coronavirus pandemic started. However, COVID-19 or not, there’s always that thin line between social drinking and problem drinking.

So how do you know if you’re drinking too much? How can you tell if your habits have begun to change for the worse? What are the signs that you should be concerned?

Let’s take a look at these red flags.

Signs you’re drinking too much during the coronavirus pandemic

You drink because you’re stressed

Alcohol drinking can be increased or more frequent during stressful situations. And having a global pandemic is stressful. However, if you’re using alcohol to cope, then this can be a problem. Your coping mechanisms fall off balance, and you may have a hard time regulating your emotions. Eventually, this can cause you more harm.

You drink because you’re bored.

So you’re at home. ECQ has been extended two more weeks. You have binged-watched all the Netflix shows that you can. What else is there to do?

If you find yourself turning to the bottle just because you think there’s nothing else to do, then this is another red flag.

You’re drinking while on WFH.

So many businesses and employers are now adapting to the new norm in operations–which includes working from home. However, if you find yourself replacing your coffee with beer or wine in your mug while you’re on a Zoom call or on a BeLive show, then this can be a problem.

Even if you’re home, that’s still not a justification to drink while you’re working or on the job.

10 signs drinking too much coronavirus pandemic

You’re constantly worried of not getting enough alcohol in stock.

You find yourself fretting over the liquor ban. You look at how many beer or brandy bottles you have in your cupboard and worry.

You find yourself making extra trips to the store or bugging your local grocery to allow you to buy more even if there’s a liquor ban. If you worry about running out of stock, then this is a problem.

You are not meeting your responsibilities even during this coronavirus crisis.

So everything can be a jumble while you’re in ECQ at home. Home and work life become a unified blur, but you can’t catch up with your responsibilities because you’re either drunk or nursing a hangover.

Perhaps, you’re not sober enough to spend time with your children or you’re only sober when you’re on a conference call. If you find your priorities skewed because alcohol takes a heavier more significant spot, then that’s trouble.

You lose your mind when you’re drunk or risk getting infected by the coronavirus.

Not that you go crazy (but maybe you do, then that’s a big problem already). But if you’ve always been putting yourself in compromising situations when you’re drunk, then you should consider how drinking badly affects your life.

You don’t feel good when you’re drinking–and when you’re not drinking.

You always find yourself not feeling well because you have a hangover the next day. You always find yourself having headaches and getting dehydrated. You also have that overall crappy feeling due to disrupted sleep patterns and lack of motivation–and you turn to more drinking.

You are having withdrawal symptoms.

If you find that your body is becoming reliant to alcohol to feel good or to function, you may be experiencing dependence. And if you don’t get your alcohol fix, you may experience discomforts and withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms may include shaky hands, anxiety, racing heartbeat, and even seizures.

You want to stop, but you can’t.

You initially plan on just taking a sip or just having a bottle. However, you always end up drinking more than planned.

You wonder if you have a problem.

If you sometimes wonder if you’re overdoing it, then perhaps you are.

Do you notice that other people are also commenting about how your drinking is negatively affecting certain aspects of your life?

If you find yourself having difficulties, then please seek help. Don’t let the coronavirus corner you into a destructive lifestyle, or make you sink deeper into problematic drinking. You can get help. Contact us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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