How to Handle Burnout While on Quarantine



So you’re at home, working in the midst of the pandemic. Not everyone may have the opportunities that you have, as you continue to earn despite many of the world’s industries going on a standstill.

However, let’s face it–it’s not always peaches and rainbows. The pressure of this new normal, the anxiety brought by current events, and the worry and risk of getting infected–these can all take its toll. This said, more people could also experience work burnout.

What is burnout?

Burnout is a form of exhaustion. It covers the mental, emotional, and physical aspects. It doesn’t mean that your job is harder just because you have a burnout, however. Even if your job has low demands, you may still experience burnout. No one can really be immune to it.

One of the reasons for this is that you may be taking too long without a break. And with people stuck at home due to community quarantine measures, the burnout struggle is indeed real.

Going on vacation is definitely not an option. Even going out to eat is impossible. The most you can do these days is to order in food–and you may also end up working still.

Here are some ways you can avoid burning out–or even get out of that funk.

Take a break

Come on. No matter how important you think your job is, it’s not really as important as you think. If your work is not a complete disaster, it can go a day or two without you–and perhaps you can have a colleague cover for you while you’re on a break.

Even if you can’t go out right now, find ways to still give yourself a breather. It can be through a few minutes of meditation, walking in your yard, playing some music, curling up with a book, taking a nap, or just doing anything you like.

handle burnout while on quarantine

Eat healthy

Make sure you load up your body with the right fuel to make your body and brain function well. This said, avoid unhealthy snacks–but only if you really really have to. Enjoy the food you want so you don’t stress out about depriving yourself. Just remember to keep things in moderation.

Get enough sleep.

If you’re feeling exhausted, it may be your body telling you to sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night. If you feel burning out, then you need to sleep some more. Develop good, healthy sleeping patterns. For your body’s sake as well as your sanity’s.


Keeping yourself active is not only good for the body, but for your well-being as well. If you’re feeling like you’re burning out, burn some calories. It will also make you feel good about yourself and therefore help lift your mood.

Remember what’s good about your job

What do you enjoy about your work? What made you start working in the first place? What have you acquired or achieved because of your job?

Think also about your goals and how you will reach them because of what you have. And, to put things in better perspective, think about those who don’t have a job right now because of the pandemic. That might help keep burnout at bay.

Set goals and stay organized

Setting your goals and keeping yourself organized will help keep you focused and keep you from feeling the burnout.

By planning your time properly and making the most out of your time, you stay on top of your tasks and prevent any frustration that may come from falling behind or not performing well. You will have a clear idea of what needs to be prioritized and what needs to be done. This will also help you see the light at the end of the tunnel that is all your tasks and paperwork.

Don’t spread yourself too thinly

Be realistic about how much work you can handle. Learn to say “no.” to things or tasks that don’t give you growth.

Find support for burnout

While socializing these days is confined to remote meetings and video calls, you can make full use of social media and technology to your own advantage. Join groups and communities with people who are the same as you. Find comfort and reassurance that there are others going through more or less the same things as you. And that it’s going to be fine. Your feelings are perfectly normal and you can get your groove back again.

Remember, much of your burning out can be due to unnecessary stress and anxiety that is in your everyday life. It starts from the inside out, or the inside in. Take a look at your surroundings and rid yourself of clutter. Similarly, take an internal inventory and let go of unnecessary burden in your mind and in your life.

Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the demands of work and other things in their lives. Stress is normal, but how we deal with it is what defines us.

If you find yourself becoming dependent on these substances or to certain destructive behavior, seek help. Talk to us at Bridges of Hope.

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