5 Awful Behaviors All Addicts Have in Common




Dealing with an addict in your life can be difficult because they exhibit what can be considered awful behaviors. From being mild-mannered and amiable to being ill-tempered and dreadful, you’ll be surprised by the sudden change right before your eyes. 


These awful behaviors exhibit just how powerful the addictive substances are to change a person and bring destruction into the mix. You may know someone you love, such as a parent, child, or special someone, who is highly addicted to drugs and substances. Chances are, they exhibit these kinds of baffling and yet awful behaviors.

However, not everyone can recognize addiction when they see one. Some people won’t even know that these odd, erratic behavior are the signs and effects of addiction, until it’s too late.

Here are the 5 most common awful behavior to look out for because they are almost always present in someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or certain behavior.

5 Most Common Awful Behaviors of Addicts

  1. They often lie. Addicts lie not to protect you from the truth of their addiction, but more to protect their habit. They lie about their addiction and may not even admit to the problem even when their explanations don’t add up. So whether you know a person to you is an addict, watch out for the things they tell you because chances are, they could be lying.
  2. They have no qualms about manipulating you. Addicts are master manipulators. They will manipulate the feelings and trust of those who care about them most so they can support their addiction, even if it means they are on a destructive path and could hurt people along the way.
  3. They are willing to engage in criminal acts. This is typical in those who have been addicted for a long time. Addiction is a very expensive habit. Financially, it can leave you broke. Many addicts therefore resort to illegal activities such as stealing and embezzling. They are also more likely to take part in fights or commit violence which can also land them in jail.
  4. They will never accept blame. Blame is never the name of their game. Addicts will not accept responsibility for their actions and decisions.
  5. They are prone to being abusive. Addicts tend to be aggressive and explosive, as they can’t think rationally. They let their urges get the better of them. Unfortunately, those who are close to them bear the brunt of their tempers and mood swings, as the addicts become physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive.

It doesn’t matter whether the person is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or a particular behavior. The urge to fulfill that addiction is a strong compulsion that beats anything and everything that is on its way. The addiction is even stronger than the addict’s will.

As a loved one, what you can do is to get them the help they need. You can call us at Bridges of Hope for help at 09175098826.

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