5 Essential Life Skills to Learn in Early Recovery



5 essential life skills early recovery

How do you navigate early recovery when you’re straight out of treatment and reconnecting back to your life, this time without your addiction to serve as your crutch?

It’s been said that people who are addicted stop maturing around the same time they developed the addiction. This means you, as someone who may be addicted to drugs, gambling, alcohol or any other behavior or substance, may have stunted your growth emotionally. Chasing after your next fix, you may have missed out on all the learning and reflection essential to acquiring essential life skills.

5 essential life skills early recovery

When you go into addiction treatment, however, you undergo a therapeutic recovery program that will help you learn or regain those life skills. Like here in Bridges of Hope, we create personalized programs that help bridges the gap so you learn those life skills especially in the very volatile stage of early recovery.

Below are 5 of the most important life skills you’ll need when you finish treatment and go into early recovery. These life skills can help you sustain your recovery.

  1. Conflict Resolution. Everyone experiences conflict in one way or another. You can’t please everybody and you’re bound to have a rough time getting along with other people. However, you will learn how to communicate better when you’re at odds with someone. Instead of lashing you or taking things personally, you can work towards a common understanding.
  2. Find a way to be productive. At Bridges of Hope, we help our recovering clients get back on their feet. We work with their families so that they will have a workable plan once they finish their program and spend early recovery outside the facility. If necessary, we help them write a resume, look for jobs, get back to school, or learn vocational skills.
  3. Accountability. Inside the treatment center. your days will be highly structured. You will learn how to manage your time and spend it on things that will enrich you. This is important so you will not become idle, become productive, and learn to be accountable for how your spend your time.
  4. Money management. Money is a huge source of stress for people, especially those who have been addicted. They may have been stuck in debt, among other economic problems. At Bridges of Hope, we will also teach them financial health and to build from the ruins.
  5. Creating healthy boundaries. One of the most important life skills to learn in early recovery that we teach our residents is how to set boundaries. They first have to learn to distance themselves from people, things, places, and situations that may jeopardize their sobriety, and therefore, their recovery.

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