5 Ways You Can Overcome Anxiety Without Alcohol



overcome anxiety without alcohol

Coping with anxiety without alcohol can be a real challenge. This is true especially when you’re used to getting intoxicated before performing or speaking in front of a crowd. So, how do you get over it? Find out below.

For some people, being around a huge crowd or being on a stage, or simply just facing others, can be a big source of anxiety. Overcoming this can be a challenge, and many may turn to alcohol to give them some sort of “liquid courage.” Many may feel inadequate or lack confidence, and by getting themselves intoxicated, they can be less inhibited and more at ease. 

overcome anxiety without alcohol

What is anxiety?

Anxiety, particularly social anxiety or social phobia can affect anyone. Social anxiety involves an irrational fear of interaction with others, leading to a heightened self-consciousness. They may also feel judged and negatively rated, which can fuel their lack of confidence. Social anxiety is the third most common psychological condition and millions of people around the world struggle with it everyday.

Those with anxiety struggle with it, trying to employ many ways to cope or manage it. And often, they may turn to alcohol for comfort and confidence. Is there a way to overcome anxiety without alcohol?

The most common symptoms of anxiety are:

  • emotional distress, especially when faced with the need to speak or perform, or when people’s attention are focused on you
  • Physical symptoms such as shaking, stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness or light-headedness, excessive sweating
  • Fear that something might go wrong
  • Fear of doing something wrong or getting embarrassed

So how do you overcome anxiety without alcohol? Try these 5 tips.

5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Without Alcohol

1. Take a moment. Go to a quiet place where you can relax and be alone. Have a moment to yourself, take a deep breath and focus your mind on breathing evenly. You may need to learn how to meditate as well to help you relax. Just remember that there are also others who are in your position and just as scared or anxious, but they eventually overcome this without alcohol.

2. Have a support system. Have friends and family to lean on in times of anxiety attacks, or just whenever you need a boost. Let others know about your worries and anxieties, and know that just by sharing, you ease your burden. If you are worried about speaking or performing in public, have a trusted friend or loved one come with you. They can boost your confidence and help stop you from turning to booze.

3. Know your triggers. Knowing what triggers your anxiety and your desire to drink can help you better manage both.

4. Know your fears. Make a list of the most uncomfortable situations that you fear the most. Play them over in your head and practice what you could have done. In fact, you can also put yourself in those kinds of situations and the more you learn to adjust to those situations, the stronger and more confident you become.

5. Write down your experiences. Sometimes, just writing your experiences, emotions, worries, and hopes down can help you put things in better perspective. These can also serve as lessons to keep in mind next time you are in the same situation because by then you’ll see solutions or options that you may not have noticed the first time.

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