Alcohol and And Sexual Aggression




Just what is it about alcohol that make people more prone to sexual aggression? Many studies have shown how alcohol affects the brain and makes people become uninhibited, confrontational, confident, sexually stimulated, and aggressive.

Let’s face it–alcohol reduces our ability to think straight and make better judgments. This is why many people make rapid decisions or give in to impulses. They get tunnel vision when they’re drunk and they don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Often, people who are drunk engage in violent, aggressive, and promiscuous behavior.


What is Sexual Aggression?

Sexual aggression is happens when one person wants to mate or sexually exploit another, whether they want to or not. Sexual aggression is not so much about sex as it is about power, control, dominance, anger and hate.

Acts of sexual aggression includes groping, grabbing, touching, verbal sexual comments or innuendo, oral sex, and intercourse without the consent of the person. This is usually done through the use of force, argument, manipulation, verbal and emotional abuse, drugs, and authority or power.

Sexual aggression can also manifest when a person has sex addiction. And this can co-occur with other forms of addiction, such as drugs or alcohol.

How Alcohol Brings Out Sexual Aggression

Alcohol can cause chemical changes that relaxes the brain. This may make people want to drink more. Meanwhile, the brain’s warning system stops working, making them uninhibited.

The way they process information will also be different, making it more skewed. This can cause them to misinterpret social cues, feel overconfident about themselves, and have explosive behavior when they feel like they’re being threatened. Meanwhile, they can be easily sexually provoked.

While many people who drink do not necessarily exhibit sexual aggression and even violent behavior, there are still those who are at a higher risk of displaying these traits. A history of sexual aggression is one big factor.

If you have episodes of being sexually aggressive or feel like you may need help about your sexual behavior as well as your drinking, talk to a professional. You may have an alcohol abuse problem as well as a sex addiction. Either way, Bridges of Hope is here to help. Call or text us at 09175098826.


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