Mental Health Check: 10 Signs You May Need Mental Health Treatment




It’s normal and human to have quirks and idiosyncracies. Those are what make us unique. However, there’s a fine line between being weird and having a mental disorder. Sometimes, those who are eccentric are judged as having some mental health issues, and those who appear to be normal or even the life of the party are struggling with concealed depression or other disorder. You never really know who is struggling. 


Even you may, at some point, ask yourself if you have a mental health problem. If you are worried that you–or someone you know–may need mental health treatment, here are 10 signs to look out for.

10 Signs of Mental Health Problems

1. Distinct mood swings and impulses. Those who have mental health issues find themselves having sudden mood fluctuations. Unlike ordinary mood swings, theirs are marked by significant and erratic personality changes that occur over a span of several days or weeks.

2. Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with life to the point that it affects the ability to function normally. You may notice that you have difficulty accomplishing even the most mundane daily tasks. You feel overwhelmed easily. You may also lose the ability to cope with certain situations that you have no hard time handling in the past.

3. You are constantly anxious and on edge. You have a gnawing and constant anxiety that seems to stem from out of nowhere. You may also experience irrational fears or phobias that can lend you paralyzed. These things can also affect your daily functions, sleep schedules, and eating habits.

4. You have trouble getting over past or recent trauma. We may all have gone through something big and traumatic. However, those with mental health issues can find themselves unable to shake these off. They feel stuck and unable to move on, constantly thinking about or reliving past traumatic events. Sometimes, certain things can trigger the memories and leave you overwhelmed or unable to cope.

5. You feel sad, hopeless, or helpless. You find yourself feeling down for most of the time. Even the things that used to make you happy or feel pleasant don’t have the same effect anymore. You feel a chronic, unshakable sadness, leaving you with poor focus, inability to sleep soundly, have low energy, and unable to eat.

6. You seek out unhealthy outlets. You may find yourself succumbing to drugs, alcohol, prescription pills, and other substances as a way to escape overwhelming emotions or situations. You may continue to seek these substances or behaviors until you become addicted.

7. You have anger management issues. Aside from mood swings, you may also suddenly become hostile and aggressive. You may even become violent all of a sudden. These bursts of rage can signal the presence of a mental health problem.

8. You have intrusive thoughts and irrational fears. This can go hand in hand with your constant anxiety. You have very disturbing and morbid thoughts, and may even voice them out at times. You may also have an irrational fear and paranoia that can cripple you.

9. You have eating problems. This is a major red flag in eating disorders, which are also mental health problems. You may eat a lot or not eat at all due to a distorted body image.

10. You are contemplating suicide. You have thoughts of self-harm and suicide. In some cases, these may have already been acted upon.

There are a variety of mental health disorders that can impact your life negatively. The good news is, these conditions can be treated.

At Bridges of Hope, we treat people with dual-diagnosis disorders. This means we provide treatment to those who are struggling with addiction while at the same time experiencing mental health problems. For help, contact us at 09175098826.














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