Upgrade Your Mindset for Success–Even While on Recovery



How are you going to set yourself up for life-long recovery? Check out these tips to cultivate a mindset for success.

So you are on recovery. This is something that not a lot of people would understand. After all, they haven’t been there. They can only have a peek into what your challenges and daily battles are.

Guess what–this is the best time to cultivate a winning mindset. You recovery gives you a fresh start, a clean slate, an open mind. Take on various learnings and let these help guide you towards life-long recovery. And while you’re at it, may these things also help set you up for success.

After all, much of what got you into addiction in the first place are attitudes and behaviors that you are now saying goodbye to. In their place, you are bringing in a better version of you to face the world–and whatever life hurls at you.

So, with all this said, how can you get on that winning mindset for success?

Let’s take a look at these things.

Upgrade Your Mindset for Success

By applying a certain frame of mind, you not only give yourself a running start to a better, smoother life in recovery. You are also allowing yourself to grow and become more successful in whatever you put your mind into.

Focus on growth

Whether it’s in life, career, or relationships, you can focus on growing. Instead of feeling like your situation isn’t going to get better, or being complacent about your life, you can go for growth. Focus on creating change and of being the change. Don’t be afraid to learn.

With this mindset also comes being open-minded about criticism. You also have to constantly evaluate yourself and see how else you can improve.

Feel your feelings

This is important in recovery and can also help you in various aspects of your life. Recognize that your feelings, whatever they are, are valid and normal. Instead of running away from them, acknowledge them and take this as an opportunity to better understand yourself.

Move with meaning

Whether you decide to workout or just cuddle and read, you can make anything meaningful.

This means you have to be intentional. You can do this by being present, by being in the moment. Focus on what you want to get out of an activity and make the most of every moment. This will allow you to become more aware as well as reflective.

Be Willing to fail

Accept that life wouldn’t be perfect all the time. There will be situations when, despite your best efforts, things still don’t workout.

Being afraid to fail may hold you back from daring to do something. It may hold you back from acting on that big new idea. It may stop you from, really, living. But once you understand that the only way to grow is to make mistakes, you will understand the value of missteps and mishaps–and learn from them instead.

Go for the long-term

One of the cornerstones of addiction is the affinity for instant gratification. This is when they would choose to feel a momentary pleasure or delight even when it can mean danger or destruction at some point. Or even when it can lead to negative consequences.

To shift your mindset, you have to think for the long-term. Have a plan and visualize yourself with what you want to achieve. What destination do you want? What future do you want to happen? Whether it’s about your career or your personal life, you can shoot for the moon and let this be your guide through your everyday decisions.

(Re)define your life’s purpose

What is your “why” in your life. How do you see yourself when you think of “success”? What does it even mean to you? What does happiness mean to you?

Create your own measure of being happy and successful. Make it your own instead of what other people dictate it to be. This will allow you to have a higher mission in life, allowing you to carve your own path in a way that is more fulfilling to you.

Having the right mindset allows you to focus on what matters to you and what can help you.

This is important in recovery, where many challenges may come at you to put your sobriety and recovery in the balance. By upgrading your mindset, you break free from past behaviors and attitudes. You also free yourself from limiting beliefs so that you can envision a bigger, better, more meaningful world for yourself.

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