Watch Out: 5 Addictions Your Teens May Be Developing



Teens are going through so many changes at this stage in their lives. You know it. You’ve been there.

However, things are so much different for teens these days compared to how it was when you were growing up. Still, you have to pay careful attention to them and their needs. They may behave and talk differently now, but their needs are basically the same. They just have a different way of dealing with things now.

Therefore, as their parent or guardian, you have to be sure that they are on the right track for a better future as you guide them in this stage.

If you are in addiction recovery, chances are, your teenage child may also develop addictive personalities that you should watch out for. In fact, teens today are going through addictions that may not be present or prevalent during your time, and that is something to watch out for.

5 Addictions Your Teens May be Developing

Social Media Addiction in Teens

Are they spending too much time on social media?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media account, including teens. It can get problematic as you have no sure way of filtering what kind of information or teens are being exposed too.

There are different content in social media that can shape–or distort–how your teen perceives the world. That can be a huge problem. There’s the unrealistic beauty and self-image standards that can make your teen feel insecure in their own skin.

Social media users, especially the so-called influencers, also post what others want to see, not what is real. Your teens will be exposed to an artificial sense of reality. They may also be exposed to potential cyberbullying and exploitation.

Video Game Addiction in Teens

Gaming can be a fun way to unwind and spend your spare time. However, there are many teens who have crossed over to problematic gaming to the point that they have neglected their education and even hygiene and health.

When your teen has missed out on what’s important and have made their lives revolve around video games, then that is a big red flag.

Junk Food Addiction in Teens

Junk food is delicious. Perhaps, it’s perfectly normal for many to indulge in it from time to time. It’s cheap and easily accessible for teens. However, it’s not nutritious, and teens need all the nutrients they can get for their still-developing body.

Poor eating habits, paired with a sedentary lifestyle, can lead to a lot of health problems. Today, more and more younger adults are having problems with obesity, body image, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and other problems because of poor eating habits and food addiction.

Alcohol Addiction

Many children experiment with many substances. And alcohol is their most popular choice. After all, it’s more easily accessible. It’s legal and perhaps they can even just take a sip of it from their parents’ stash.

Perhaps having something as taboo for their age gives them a sense of independence and excitement. However, this can be a problem as alcohol drinking may set them up for addiction later on in life. That is, if alcohol addiction has not disrupted their young lives already.

Drug Addiction

Teens can be impressionable. They can also easily be swayed by peer pressure. Usually, when alcohol is on the table, drugs usually are too. Taking mild drugs such as marijuana can cause them to form dependence.

Don’t Underestimate Your Teen’s Odd Behavior

Be aware that your teens are going through a rollercoaster stage in their lives. Many changes are happening, and yet as their parent or guardian, they count on you to be present in their life.

Talk to them about the different kinds of addictions and how each impacts their health and their future.

Should you observe the signs of addiction in your teens, seek help before their life becomes totally derailed. Talk to us at Bridges of Hope.

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