5 Apps to Help You Drink Moderately

Technology today helps make it easier for people to get the help they need, including drinking moderately.

It’s the weekend and you’re looking forward to grabbing a few drinks with friends. However, the “few drinks” seem to always end up with you getting wasted or passing out without no idea what happened the night before. 


When you’re having fun, it’s easy to lose count of just how much you’ve drank. Two bottles can quickly turn into two buckets, and next thing you know, you’re drunk.

If this seems to happen a lot to you and you always have a killer hangover that stops you from being functional the next day, or if you find yourself getting into all sorts of trouble perhaps you need to keep your drinking in check.

Here are 5 apps to help get you drink moderately.

  • IntelliDrink. This app helps you and a friend to drink moderately by profiling you both and tracking you simultaneously. The app displays your blood alcohol content (BAC), calculating alcohol absorption and retention as you drink. You can even set a BAC level for the app to notify you if you reached it.
  • R-U-Buzzed? The app lets you enter your gender, weight, hours spent drinking and the amount of alcohol consumed. It will notify you with a “You’re buzzed” display on your smartphone. It’s also integrated with a taxi service to help you locate the nearest taxi for a safe ride home.
  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker. This premium app will plot how your BAC increases as you drink, and will notify you if you’re reached the legal drinking limit and when you’ve gone above it. It will also notify you when you reach zero. The app also tracks your drinking habits within a given period of time.
  • Drinking Buddy. This Android app allows you to set a target BAC level, and then the app will ping you if you’re getting closed to it. If you go past this level, the app will display just how long it will take for you to drop to your target zone.
  • Alc Calc Pro. This is a simple app that shows how your BAC rises and falls as you drink in real time. It also features Facebook integration so your select friends can help you keep an eye on your alcohol levels and urge you to drink moderately.

If you think that you need more than just an app to help you overcome your drinking or help you drink moderately, perhaps you need professional help. Call or text us at our Bridges of Hope helpline: 09175098826.

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