5 Life-Changing Things That Happen When You Complete a Rehab Program



So, you’re considering getting treatment for your addiction, do you think you can complete a rehab program? How prepared are you for what’s in store?

These are just some of the questions you have to consider when you’re thinking of going into a rehab program for substance abuse, alcoholism, or other addictions, including process addictions.

After all, the goal of a rehab program is to help you overcome your addiction and build the essential life skills for leading a productive, fulfilling life.

Yes, going into a rehab facility may be easy enough, but it can be very challenging. How prepared are you to see it through? If you have doubts, read on below.

What happens when you complete a program?

It can be very challenging when you first enter a rehab facility. You will be removed from everything that you were used to, especially the environment that allowed you to use and develop your addiction in the first place.

It’s important, however, to put things in perspective. You are in a rehab program to help you break free from your addiction and get your life back on track. As you go through your program, you will experience many challenges as you learn skills and get rid of behaviors and attitudes that will not help you have a sustainable recovery.

Now, let’s take a look at how important it is to complete your rehab program and what you’ll get from doing so.

  • You can break your addictive cycle. You need to be in a drug-free and trigger-free environment. Not only that—you need to be around people who will hold you accountable for getting off your addiction. While there are people who need to undergo detoxification to rid their systems of the substance they were addicted to, rehab goes beyond doing that. And not everyone who goes into rehab requires detox. But for those who do, detox is only the first step and the real work begins after this stage.
  • Learn more about addiction. Now that you don’t have the drugs in your system and you’re removed from your triggers, you can now focus on your inner work. This is also the time when you can think more clearly and education yourself about addiction. In a rehab program, you will also gain more insights into your own experiences and triggers. You can explore your own attitudes, behaviors, and motivations so that you can build yourself up again and set yourself up for recovery.
5 life-changing things that happen complete rehab program
  • Take a deep dive within yourself. There are many reasons why people get involved with drugs or substances or behaviors—and why they got addicted. However, their reasons may not be the same as yours, and this is what your personalized rehab program will dig into. Being in rehab allows you to peel back the layers within yourself to find out exactly what are behind your addiction and your behaviors.
  • Learn life skills and build new habits. Most people who have a history of drug use have poor discipline, quick impulses, and low self-care. In rehab facilities, you will learn the skills you need to navigate a new life as well as set goals that allow you to lead a life without addiction. At Bridges of Hope, we not only teach you essential life skills, but help you get back your life (and this time better and as a renewed person) by helping you fix your relationships, set short-term goals and gain employment when necessary, as well as set long-term goals and get you on the path to achieving them.
  • Set healthy boundaries. Relationship boundaries tend to be unclear or dysfunctional when addiction is in the equation. When you complete a rehab program, you can better understand how to set and maintain boundaries which are essential to healthy relationships.

At Bridges of Hope, we help people with addictions and co-occurring disorders by providing personalized treatment plans to best address their addictions and, more importantly, the attitudes, behaviors, and relationship dynamics that may stop them from stepping into life-long recovery.

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