7 Depression Warning Signs to Look out For in a Friend or Loved One




You never know who has depression. So it’s best to be on the look out for these 7 depression warning signs that your friend or loved one may have.

Depression is not always obvious. It can masqueade as many different things and you may have no idea. The most cheerful person at work could be suffering it, as well as your friend whom you have always thought has it all in life. 


Depression, after all, is not just being sad. It’s a disease that can creep into anyone, regardless or gender, income, reputation, influence, or status in life. And depression can be deadly. It can lead to suicide. Depression, like other mental disorders, can also lead people to seek out unhealthy ways to cope, which can lead to addiction resulting to co-occurring disorders.

This said, it’s important to know the tell-tale depression warning signs so you can get your friend or loved one the help they need. They may not acknowledge that they have the condition at first, and this is why it’s important for you to recognize it as well.

7 Depression Warning Signs

1. Losing interest in things that they usually enjoy. Whether they’re passionate about something or have a hobby they regularly do, if they suddenly lose interest in these things, then it could be one of the depression warning signs. This loss of pleasure with something is called anhedonia, and are experienced by people suffering from depression.

2. Changes in sleep patterns. Insomnia, disrupted sleep, erratic sleeping patterns–these are signs of depression.

3. Changes in eating habits. People with depression may eat a lot or not eat at all. They may eat too much and gain weight as a way to cope, or they may simply not have the appetite to eat even their favorite food, resulting to significant weight loss.

4. Anger, irritability, and aggression. They may used to be mild-mannered before, but a depressed person has everyday struggles that you don’t understand. It may feel like they’re on survival mode everyday, and this can lead them to lash out to you or be overwhelmed.

5. Having negative thoughts. Negative thoughts and expressing them is one of the biggest depression warning signs to look out for. Them throwing a damper on even the most amazing situations is merely them reflecting their own disposition.

6. Having suicidal thoughts. They may suddenly utter, “I don’t care whether I live or die..” They may also express feeling like driving off a cliff, jumping a tall building, or just disappearing. These are major signs of depression that you should not take lightly. Always take these statements seriously, as they may end up actually doing it.

7. Lack of confidence or low self-esteem. People with depression often feel down, helpless, and hopeless. They are not looking forward to the future, or only see the negative in situations.

Remember, people with depression are not just seeking attention. They need help.

If you know a loved one with depression and are at the same time struggling with addiction, seek help. Call or text us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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