5 Mental Illness Myths You Should Bust

In light of May being a Mental Health Awareness month here in the Philippines, we at Bridges of Hope would […]
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Hope and Healing: Reflections on Easter, Addiction, and the Pandemic

As you go about your reflections on Easter, think about this: more than one year since the outbreak of this […]
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Loving an Addict

Loving an Addict: How to Help Them and Yourself

For many people who are in a relationship with an addict, who are loving an addict, their situation can be […]
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breakups and mental health

Breakups and Mental Health: How to Move On Without Losing Yourself

Breakups are never easy. No matter how long or how deep the relationship is, there’s always something about parting ways […]
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Overcoming Addiction and Your Past: Why Forgiveness is Important in Recovery

Forgiveness is part of overcoming addiction. You have to unload your defenses and reservations, and open your heart to forgiving
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quarantined with alcoholic spouse

Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse? Here are Crucial Coping Tips

Coping with an Alcoholic Spouse While on Lockdown

Seeing your alcoholic spouse be on this destructive pattern may make you feel restless, stressed, embarrassed, angry, and even helpless.

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