7 Depression Warning Signs to Look out For in a Friend or Loved One


You never know who has depression. So it’s best to be on the look out for these 7 depression warning signs that your friend or loved one may have.

Depression is not always obvious. It can masqueade as many different things and you may have no idea. The most cheerful person at work could be suffering it, as well as your friend whom you have always thought has it all in life.  Read More

Dangers of Opiate Pain Relievers: What You Need to Know

opioid pain relievers

Opiate pain relievers are widely used worldwide to treat a variety of conditions, usually those involving chronic pain. Opiates include substances such as morphine, heroin, and thebaine. Generally, they are highly addictive because they come from the same source–the opium poppy.

Opiates help manage pain. However, there’s a catch. Opiates are one of the most abused drugs in many countries, particularly the United States. While it’s not widely abused here in the Philippines, there are still those who manage to illegally obtain these pills for abuse.

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8 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Detox Now


From celebrities to the average joe, people nowadays go on a digital detox every now and then to focus on what really matters in life–their real life. This is compared to their life and persona online, which can be all sorts of twisted, exciting, and not to mention stressful at times. Find out why you need to go on a digital detox too.

Today, we are so connected that we really are, in fact, disconnected and we don’t even know it. Case in point: How often do you check your smartphone on an hourly basis day in and day out? How many hours a day do you spend thumbing through news feeds and tweets? All this immersion in social media and our smartphones can have a major impact on your stress levels, health, and well-being.

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What Do You Do If Your Boss is Using Drugs?


It can be tricky when your boss is using drugs. Here’s what you can do to help him without getting yourself in trouble.

Drug abuse and addiction doesn’t just affect individuals and their families. They also affect the people they interact with. And if the addict is a high-functioning type, he may affect the people around his workplace. Read More

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse Among College Students


While there are many out-of-school youths that turn to drugs and alcohol, what don’t always come up in conversations on substance abuse are college students.

Many young adults are involved in some form of substance abuse, and many of them are in college. After all, this stage of their lives are prone to many pressures and triggers that feeds on their desire to experiment and succumb to substance abuse. Read More

10 Drug Use Triggers to Avoid


Knowing and avoiding drug use triggers are important in your lasting and successful recovery and sobriety. Find out the 10 drug use triggers that you should avoid.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who undergoes addiction recovery goes through relapse. The key to a sustainable recovery and sobriety is avoiding triggers. Here are 10 triggers that you should avoid.

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Valium Addiction: What You Should Know


Valium is a sedative, an anti-anxiety drug that is one of the most illicitly abused drugs in the country. Though abuse of the drug in the country is not as common as other drugs such as marijuana and shabu (methamphetamine), there’s no denying that many still resort to Valium.

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Are You Addicted to Marijuana? Ask Yourself These 12 Questions


Do you think you’re addicted to marijuana? Try answering the questions below to find out if you are addicted to marijuana and you need help.

Have you been smoking weed for quite a while? Perhaps you may have come across certain problems in your life brought about, directly or indirectly, by your marijuana use. So if you think you may be addicted to marijuana, try answering these questions to know for sure. Read More

Shame and Addiction


Shame and addiction can go hand in hand. While shame can help you turn away from dangerous or unbecoming behavior, it can make you turn to addiction as a way to escape. Soon enough shame and addiction can feed off on each other in an endless and destructive cycle.

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Are You Addicted to Coke? (And We Mean Coca-Cola)


Are you addicted to Coke? And we mean Coca Cola. If you can’t give up that bottle, then here’s what you should read!

It’s hot here in the Philippines, and summer is making things so much worse in our tropical country. For us Filipinos, it is perhaps part of our daily routine to open a bottle of ice-cold, fizzing Coca-Cola, or Coke in short, to accompany our meals or just slake our parched throats. For many, nothing can satisfy the thirst and the hot humid feeling of the summer season that gulping down a cold Coke.

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