Addicted to Drama: Yes Drama is a Dangerous “Drug”




It’s human to require attention. We wither with neglect. But how do you know when it’s too much to the point of being addicted to drama?

Do you know someone who seems to always stir up conflict and trouble? Or perhaps you yourself find drama following you. This may all be due to drama addiction. Let’s see if you have it.


At some point in our lives, we may encounter people that act strange or do outrageous things that not many people would normally do. What we don’t know is that they may have behavioral problems that make them act out of the ordinary–often to the detriment of other people around them, and their own selves. In this article, we’ll tackle one behavioral problem that is actually a behavioral addiction–being addicted to drama.

Many behavioral problems plague people, and often these go hand in hand with mental health concerns and substance use disorder. Let’s take a look at some signs that you or someone you know may be addicted to drama, which can increase their risk for substance abuse for coping.

Attention-seeking Behavior

Getting attention is a necessary part of life. In a life or death situation, getting attention can even be vital. This said, not getting attention can threaten one’s quality of life. Naturally, not getting attention is dangerous. This has been hardwired into our brains, so this addiction to drama is really more than just a character flaw.

There are parts of our brains that operates and gets gratification when drama is stirred. This is the pituitary glands and hypothalamus. They secrete endorphins, a pain-suppressing and pleasure-inducing neurochemical that drugs such as heroin mimic. Creating drama helps one cope the same way that the brain relies on opiates and other psychoactive chemicals as a self-medication method against stress, anxiety, pain, and boredom.

And like any addiction, addiction to drama can build up tolerance. This extreme attention-seeking behavior can lead to unhealthy behavior that stems from emotional desperation. Therefore, you cause more drama more often to get the same thrill you once had.

Aside from endorphins, dopamine is also at work. Creating drama also releases dopamine, also a reward and pleasure neurochemical. Once a drama and attention-seeking pattern is set, the road is paved for the drama queen.

Cause of Being Addicted to Drama

Like those with eating disorders, substance use disorders, and other behavioral addiction, being addicted to drama comes from some form of developmental trauma. Many may have been abused in childhood, or suffered other forms of traumatic experience. However, not everyone who has been through something traumatic turn out with unhealthy, compulsive behavior and addictions. As you will know about addiction and behavioral disorder, it is a recipe of nurture and nature.

Being addicted to drama can be a tell-tale sign of other behavioral addictions, even substance abuse disorders. If you know of a loved one whom you suspect may have a substance abuse disorder, call or text us at 09175098826 (Manila) 09177046659 (Cebu).




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