Sex and Drugs: Why They’re a Dangerous Mix




Sex and drugs are dangerous because the drugs impairs your judgement, making you more susceptible to risks and diseases, among many others.


Taking drugs in sex parties is not uncommon not only here in the Philippines, but all over the world. Drug-ridden sex parties are like an underworld of its own, with people you wouldn’t imagine participating actively taking part in these activities.

From teachers to executives, students to respected community leaders, these activities don’t choose its attendees. People from all walks of life surprisingly take part in these, as seen in the recent news about a PDEA raid catching 11 personalities in a drug-fueled sex party.

Here’s what happens when you mix sex and drugs:

Sex and Drugs: Why They’re a Dangerous Mix

Drugs used in sex parties or sex orgies are most likely illegal. But even legal ones, such as sex or libido enhancing drugs, can change how the mind and body works. Aside from the risk of being sexually exploited, getting sexually transmitted diseases, and getting caught by authorities, there’s also the risk of getting addicted to sex and to drugs–or both.

Effects of Drugs during Sex

Drugs alter the mind and body. They have a wide range of effects on the brain and these effects depend on the drug you are taking: ecstasy, molly, meth, marijuana, alcohol, or even prescription drugs.

While there are drugs that can up your libido and make you perform better, these can have negative side effects on your body and brain. This is especially when you overdose on them.

There’s also those drugs such as ecstasy and other designer drugs. Many of these are made in makeshift laboratories and you don’t know what goes into those tablets or pills. While they can have a desirable effect on others, the effects may be different–and even fatal–on you.

These substances can also make you become overconfident and uninhibited. They can cloud your judgement and make you take more risks that you may regret later on. You may forgo using protection or birth control, resulting to unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. These risks increase when you’re having sex with multiple people or even strangers.

Other people who are using drugs while trying to have sex with you may also pose dangers. They may try to do things to you that you’re uncomfortable with, or get you in compromising places or situations.

Remember: A few minutes of fun may cost you the rest of your life.

If you need help with your sex drive or your compulsions to use drugs, you may have an addiction. For help, call or text Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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