Signs of Substance Abuse in Young Adults



How do you spot substance abuse in young adults? Check out our tips below.

Drug addiction is a chronic, persistent, and destructive disease. It doesn’t choose its victim. Anyone can have and addiction to substances regardless of age, economic status, educational attainment, race, or gender. One this is for sure: no matter who you are, if you have an addiction, it’s going to be a downward spiral sooner or later.

If you are worried about your family member’s substance addiction, especially if you’re a parent, sibling, or guardian of young adults, then it’s important to identify and address the problem immediately.

Being exposed to illicit substances at a young age can put them at a great risk for using and abusing substances. While addiction is a disease, it is preventable and treatable. There is treatment and help for you and your addicted loved one, whatever stage of addiction they are in now. In the case of young adults with substance abuse problems or addictions, it’s important to provide the right kind of intervention and seek the help of professionals so that you can set them up for a better chance of recovery.

But first, how do you know if your child is using?

Here are some tell-tale signs of substance abuse that you should watch out for.

Signs of Substance Abuse in Young Adults

  • Behavioral Issues
    • Changes in relationships with family members and friends
    • Isolation from others
    • Exhibiting signs of social withdrawal or alienation
    • Becoming hostile and angry
    • Sudden secretive behavior
    • Inability to focus on priorities
    • Becoming lethargic
    • Lack of motivation doing things that they used to like doing
  • Physical Signs
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Unusually dilated or constricted pupils
    • Sudden changes in appetite or sleeping patterns
    • Disregard for personal hygiene or appearance
    • Slurred speech
    • Shakes or seizures
    • Lack of muscle coordination
    • Sweatiness and headaches
    • Skin abrasions or track marks

Watching out for these signs of substance abuse in young adults, and observing your teen’s behavior, can let you know if your child is using drugs or alcohol. Understand the various side effects of different drugs so that you will know what to watch out for.

Do you think your teen is abusing drugs? Check out our ASSESSMENT or talk to us: 09175098826.

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