10 Tips to Make it Through the Holidays Without Relapsing


For someone who just came out of rehab, going through the holidays without relapsing can be a challenge. You have to deal with family interactions, some of them intense and strained. The following tips can help you endure the holidays while still keeping your sobriety and commitment to a life-long recovery.

Holidays like Christmas provide people a great opportunity to be with family and friends. Many are looking forward to the holidays because of this. However, as a recovering addict, you may just not feel the sentiment. At least not yet. Read More

10 Common Traits of Adults Who Grew Up with Alcoholic Parents


Alcoholism, along with other forms of addiction such as drug addiction and behavioral addiction, are considered a family disease. This is because the condition not only affects the individual but also everyone else in the family.

A family that has one alcoholic, even one or two alcoholic parents, is dysfunctional. Family life is erratic and everyday is a struggle for some semblance of balance, order, and normalcy. Alcoholic parents may even tend to be abusive of their children and other family members. This abuse is not necessarily physical, but also psychological and emotional. Neglect may also be another issue with alcoholic parents.  Read More

Shabu and Your Baby: Effects of Meth on Pregnancy


There are many negative effects of meth on pregnancy, which put you and your baby at risk. However, not everyone are aware of these risks. The sad and dangerous truth is, many women who are pregnant are addicted to meth and therefore continue to use.

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), there are an estimated 4.7 drug users in the country. This means, according to the Agency, that there is one drug personality in every 8 households in the country. Their drug of choice: methamphetamine or shabu. Read More

Why Strong Family Relationships Can Prevent Addiction


You can prevent addiction by cultivating strong family relationships. Find out why.

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5 Ways Your Drug Addiction Affects Your Kids


Addiction is not just a disease of one single person–the addict. No. It is a disease that affects society, specifically its primary unit, the family. And when parents are addicted to drugs, alcohol or behaviors such as gambling, the most impacted are the kids. Read More

3 Dangerous Things Children Learn from Living with Addicted Parents


Children of addicted parents are at a higher risk of becoming addicted as well later on in life. Let’s take a peek into how children with addicted parents learn life differently compared to those children whose parents aren’t abusing drugs or alcohol.

In a household where adults are supposed to take care of the children, things can get pretty messy and dysfunctional when parents are addicted. The family dynamic becomes skewed as children learn a life different from those children whose parents are not involved in drug or alcohol addiction. Read More

How the Internet Affects Students Performance and Behavior


Now that it’s the start of a new school year, let’s take a look at how the Internet affects students in terms of academic performance and behavior.

Today, almost everyone is connected to the internet. Even children can be found engrossed in their own tablets and students nowadays have their own cellphones. So it’s no wonder why the Internet have immensely woven itself in the lives of people, relying on the ‘net for many things such as socialization, study, entertainment, and current events.

For students, spending a lot of time on the Internet can do more harm than good. The internet really affects students both negatively and positively. While the internet can be a reliable resource to help them with homework and school project, things can easily turn downhill when time on the internet overtakes time for study and school.

Let’s take a look at how the internet affects students negatively: Read More

A Guide for Children with Addicted Parents


Living with addicted parents can be overwhelming for a child. Growing up in such a household can be chaos and uncertainty day in and day out. The people that they look up to can let them down, the people supposed to care for them may end up hurting them. Are you a child of addicted parents? Here’s what you can do.

A lot of what you are today, you owe to your parents. Good or bad, the person you are today has been, in one way or another, affected by your parents, as well as the people who raised you. Your values, disposition, beliefs, attitudes, characteristics, and opinions are shaped by how you were reared by your parents–even if these parents are addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol. Read More

Dealing with a Mother with Substance Use Disorder


Life can be very difficult when you live with a mother who has substance use disorder or addiction. This is true especially if you’re a teen or even younger. You’ll find out that soon, it’s not the mother that’s taking care of her child–but it’s the other way around.

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13 Reasons Why Your Teen Abuses Alcohol


Here are 13 Reasons Why your teen could be abusing alcohol. Finding the root of the problem gives you a better chance of addressing it.

“Oh to be young and wild and free…” You may wistfully look back to the times when you were in your teens and had no care in the world. Being a teen indeed has its perks, right?

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