5 Traumas You Can Get From a Toxic Relationship

Relationships are messy. And if you get into a relationship with someone who is on active addiction, whether it’s on drugs, alcohol, or some behavior such as gambling and video games, it’s a whole another level of complicated.

It can be toxic. 

traumas toxic relationship

if you find yourself just getting out of a toxic relationship, you must be a special kind of person if you don’t experience some kind of post-traumatic stress, or some traumas, to keep it short. While you know the person you’ve been with may have some sort of problem, you also know that you don’t leave the relationship without scars of your own. Often, there are those who believe they are the ones at fault and so blame themselves for what happened to them.

Whatever the case is, it’s time to recognize the 5 traumas that you may get from a toxic relationship so you can get the help that you need–as well as get help for your addicted loved one or spouse.

1. Fearing commitments. You’re afraid that the next person you meet will just like the the one you just left, or that they’re not enough of what you think you need. You may even disregard serious relationships all over in fear of getting hurt again.

2. Tendency to be in the same kind of relationship again. Coming off of a toxic relationship needs time to heal. However, there are those who may feel the need to get over their ex by jumping into another relationship, which may turn out to just exactly be t just left.

3. Difficulty letting go of an ex. You may find yourself obsessing over your ex, especially these days when social media makes it easy to stalk or spy on someone. What you need is to give yourself time to grieve your past relationship, find a healthy and positive hobby, and just move on.

4. Low self-esteem. Being in a toxic relationship, especially if it’s with an addict, can be extremely hard on your sanity and self-esteem. They can manipulate you into believing that what’s happening to you is your fault. Over time, this can take a toll on your sense of self-worth.

5. Nightmares. There are just feelings you can’t shake off, memories you can’t unsee, and events you can’t forget. So, you end up  being haunted by these, and it shows in your subconscious.

Toxic relationships can leave us a lot of damage and some even experience several traumas, but there’s a way to heal. Talk to a professional if you need to. Meanwhile, if you’re still in a toxic relationship with a partner who has an addiction, you may consider having them get help. Contact us at Bridges of Hope to get started: 09175098826.

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