Mother’s Day in the Time of COVID-19: 5 Life Lessons




The world has come to a standstill in the past few months. During this period, how we do things changed drastically. The world has changed so quickly in just a few weeks. And this Mother’s Day, we may celebrate it differently.

Now, we can’t take out our moms to restaurants. We can’t buy them flowers or easily deliver gifts. We can’t visit those whose mothers are out of town. The usual Mother’s Day traditions may have to be set aside as lock-downs and quarantine measures are in place. In fact, some mothers may not even get to hug their children close.

What can we learn from this? 

Embrace the changes.

Things are different now and how we celebrate Mother’s Day is different too. In fact, how we mother may be impacted by the pandemic as well. So, instead of dwelling on things we can’t control, let’s embrace the changes and learn to adjust to the changes. In fact, without the distractions of our old, busy, on-the-move lifestyle, you may rediscover joys in doing things differently this time. 

At this time, what is paramount is to stay safe and help in the efforts to contain the virus.

Go ahead and start that conversation.

So you may have found yourself at home with other family members. You may be in a somewhat forced togetherness with the quarantine measures. This could present an unprecedented opportunity to talk to each other. Remember what’s important and build conversations around these. 

With nowhere else to go, this is the perfect time to actually sit down with your family and discuss what you may have ignored before. Or simply catch up on each other. 

Now is also the best time to talk about your health. Or just discover each other’s hobbies and habits. Clear out your home to give more space for new memories. Explore new career paths and new relationships. Or just curl up with a good book and sleep longer.

This is the best time to make your bonds stronger.

We have different realities.

The coronavirus crisis is challenging. What we don’t normally talk about, however, is how more challenging it can be depending on where you are financially, economically, physically, and mentally. We are experiencing this crisis in different ways, in varying degrees of comfort and difficulty.

This Mother’s Day, one mom may be happier and the other more lonely. One may be busier, while another may not be able to do anything at all. Our situations now give us less options to celebrate this day. In fact, some may just be happy to be able to get by.

Mental health is important.

The crisis can be isolating, depressing, worrying. Some may find themselves online for most of the time and developing low self-esteem, narcissistic tendencies, and a range of other mental health issues.

This is the best time to learn to disconnect with the outer world and enrich your inner world. It would be overwhelming to keep track on how the events are developing at the moment. It helps to unplug every once in a while. But if you’re okay to just be getting by, there is no harm in that. What can hurt us most is when we compare our situation with others. This can never be good for mental health. 

And, should a mother experience mental health issues or behavioral disorders, or substance use problems, help is still available online. Technology continues to bring people together, and let’s use it for the best during this uncertain time.

You are still a mother.

Jobs may have been put on hold. However, if there’s one essential role in society, it’s that of being a mother. We can’t disregard the roles mothers play in the lives of every individual. While things are challenging and uncertain, mothers still deserve a great day of their own. Let’s make this special for them, even with social distancing and the coronavirus.

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