5 Recovery Resolutions for Those Who Want to Overcome Addiction




Read up on these recovery resolutions to help get you started on the right track for the new year.

If you’re recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism, or a behavioral addiction, then congratulations! You’ve just ticked off the toughest item on your to-do list—that is, to get help.

However, even after establishing your recovery and living a sober life, you may find yourself on a plateau. This means that you may be seeing your meetings or counseling sessions more as a routine. However, you can still keep evolving and learning.

To help you avoid the plateau and get back on track with renewed purpose and revived conviction to your recovery, here are some tips.

5 Recovery Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

  1. Discover an active hobby. Or revisit an old one. Being active is a great way not only to get out of the house but to also keep your mind and body healthy.
  2. Keep in touch with your peers. Do you have an active after-care program? At Bridges of Hope, we offer a lifetime aftercare program along with our treatment so that those who have completed our program in any of our centers in the Philippines can be surrounded by peers. This is important so that they can have that much-needed help and support they need in early recovery. This is also an active community for recovering addicts to share their own journeys with others and to strengthen their own commitments to life-long recovery.
  3. Meditate. Meditation can be a critical and important part of recovery. This is not only a way to relax or relieve stress. It also helps you to reduce anxiety and depression, therefore setting you up for better chances of sobriety and recovery.
rehab recovery resolutions
  1. Read up more on recovery. Learn more about recovery tips by reading more about resources, such as the ones you can find right here in our blog. This will help you learn about your own process and even discover more things you didn’t know you need.
  2. Be of service to others. Reaching out to others can do wonders to your mental health and well-being. To be able to share your own journey and lend a hand to those in need is such a powerful thing. It can be purposeful and fulfilling to know that your sobriety is also helping others.

Start Recovery Resolutions for Yourself

Do you have any other recovery resolutions to add? Share them below!

For those who don’t yet have a treatment plan or considering getting into a rehab facility, it’s time to start now. This New Year is the perfect time to start over and get the help you need.

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