Is Your Teen Using? How to Spot Drug Paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia is easy to spot if you know where to look. For parents of kids or partners of adults who are abusing drugs, it’s important to know how to spot drug paraphernalia and know for sure if your loved ones need professional drug addiction treatment.

teen using drug paraphernalia

Drug use and addiction go hand in hand with deception and denial. That is why it’s hard for many parents to believe or even spot if their teen is using. Even teens themselves would minimize their drug use and chalk it up to casual experimentation or peer pressure.

However, there is a fine line between teen using and abusing drugs. This is why parents must be vigilant and look for signs of drug use among their teens. And one way to spot if you have a teen using drugs is to spot drug paraphernalia.

What is drug paraphernalia?

For those who don’t know, a drug paraphernalia is any product or piece of instrument or equipment that could be used to make, use, or conceal illegal substances. These paraphernalia could be derived from modified household items or specialty tools made for drug use. Something is considered a paraphernalia if it has a direct impact on drug use.

In many countries, as well as ours, it is considered illegal to walk around and be found with illegal drug paraphernalia.

To protect your teen or loved one, you have to find out what paraphernalia to look for depending on the drug that you suspect they may be using.

Marijuana Paraphernalia

  • Rolling papers
  • Small metal clips,
  • Water pipre
  • Modified soda can for smoking
  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Small baggies or ziploc bags

Injectable Drug Paraphernalia

  • syringes
  • needles
  • medical tubing
  • spoons
  • lighters
  • bunsen burners

Inhalant Drug Paraphernalia

  • balloons
  • nozzles
  • rags dipped in chemicals
  • bottles of inhalants or chemicals
  • cans and containers of chemicals

If you find your teen using drugs and see drug paraphernalia, you may consider checking out the signs of drug abuse and addiction in our blogs. You may also contact Bridges of Hope at 09175098826 so our counselors and addiction professionals can give you an assessment and treatment options.

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