Weekend Binge Drinking: When Happy Hour Becomes a Problem




How healthy is your weekend binge drinking habit? Find out here.

So you only drink on weekends. And when there are occasions. And sometimes on weekdays, too. It all sounds so harmless, but is it really? 


Reality is, just because you drink each day doesn’t mean that you can’t be dependent on alcohol, or that there is no chance for you to get addicted. WRONG.

There is such a thing as binge-drinking, and it could be as dangerous, if not more so. If you drink more than the recommended amount or up until 7 days a week for women and 14 drinks a week for men, then you’ve crossed the line into heavy drinking.

To give you perspective if your weekend night outs is still within the health threshold of socialization and unwinding, here are some red flags.

Is Your Weekend Binge Drinking Problematic?

Are you hiding behind your weekend binge drinking? Find out these red flags of problem drinking that may turn into alcoholism or alcohol addiction:

1. Trouble remembering after a night out. Do you find yourself waking up the morning after a night of binge drinking without any memories of what happened?

2. You intend to have just a few bottles, but it turned out to be more. Sometimes, so much more. You always end up drinking more than what you have initially intended to do.

3. You use alcohol to cope. If you find yourself using alcohol as your crutch to cope with stress or emotional problems. Alcohol is in fact a depressant, so if you feel it will really make you feel better, then you’re wrong.

4. You have a pre-drink before you drink-drink. Or in fact, you drink before you do something big, like go to a concert, a game, a party, and practically find reasons to drink.

5. You tried cutting down, but it’s no use. Alcoholism is chronic. Those who become alcoholics develop psychological, neurological and physical dependence on it. Those who have developed alcoholism may try to quit, but find themselves utterly incapable.

6. You use alcohol as a reward. You find yourself going all-out on your weekend binge drinking because you feel entitled to it after a week of hard work. Or, whenever you get milestones and achievements, the first thing you think of is celebrating with a lot of drinks.

7. You find yourself drinking more and more. If before you only need 4 bottles to get drunk, now it has doubled. Your tolerance have increased.

8. There seems to be a problem. If you or someone you know have expressed their concerns about your drinking habit, then it’s probably right.

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