What is a Drug Rehab Center? Does it Even Work?



A drug rehab center is a treatment facility for those with substance addiction. The treatment program may either be in-patient or outpatient and generally consists of a combination of therapies to promote recovery.

Perhaps many are wondering exactly what a drug rehab is. What happens to people who go into a drug rehab center in the Philippines or anywhere in the world for that matter. Do they really get better? Does addiction rehab really work?

drug rehab center in the philippines

What is a drug rehab?

We all know, and some may even have seen it first-hand with their loved ones, that drug addiction causes destructive effects on abusers and the people around them. After all, addiction is clinically defined as a chronic and complex brain disease that manifests itself as compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. This is why it’s important to treat this disease with the right type of rehab center to provide treatment programs that best suit the individual’s needs.

A drug rehab center is, therefore, a facility that provides a combination of therapies and medical detox, as well as other services so that the patients will stop using illicit substances and learn how to live a sober life.

A rehab center may also provide programs for alcohol treatment as well as treatment for dual diagnosis, which are mental health conditions associated or co-occurring along with addiction.

Bridges of Hope is one such drug rehab facility in Manila, with many other branching centers in other cities within the Philippines. It provides in-patient drug rehab treatment.

What is in-patient drug rehab center?

An in-patient drug rehab provides a place for someone to live while receiving addiction treatment within the center, or in-site. This is the best option for more people so that they can be removed from the addiction triggers of everyday life and so that they can focus solely on their recovery.

In-patient facilities may come in the form of a sterile hospital setting or a home-like environment. Bridges of Hope, for one, provides a safe, secure, home-like environment for residents to become comfortable while undergoing their treatment program.

How does a drug rehab center work?

The goal of a drug rehab is to help someone overcome addiction and any mental health disorders that may come along with it. For facilities such as ours at Bridges of Hope, part of our program also involves improving and taking care of our residents’ health and well-being to set them up for life-long recovery and start the healing from the inside out.

Bridges of Hope provide sensibly priced program that are managed by internationally credentialed Recovery Specialists along with a team of health specialists.

Part of our program involves a comprehensive assessment so that we can personalized the treatment plan for each individual that comes through our doors. We understand that everyone has different situations and have different experiences and attitudes, so we take this into account as we formulate a treatment plan.

For those with physical dependence, the treatment program often starts with a detox. Detox gets rid of the addictive substance from our resident’s system, but is not necessarily treat addiction per se, which is a mental health issue.

Mental health issues often lead to substance abuse, which then play a big role in addiction and treatment. So, we deal with both when we have such cases.

During the span of the treatment program, a resident would undergo various therapies. These therapies allow them to work through their personal issues and find a way to more constructively deal with issues in their lives. We provide them alternatives to using substances and teach them life-skills to avoid triggers and find life-long sobriety.

Does drug rehab really work?

A reputable drug rehab center is run by a team of professionals, so it’s important to find those that are accredited and have a personalized treatment program.

For the best chance of success, you should look for those that provide:

  • personalized treatment programs
  • a variety of therapies and options to suit your needs
  • comfortable environment
  • safe and secure facilities
  • close communication and coordination with families
  • aftercare programs

While costs and locations are understandably important factors to consider as well, don’t let these dictate your decision. For one, Bridges of Hope provide sensibly priced program that are managed by internationally credentialed Recovery Specialists along with a team of health specialists.

Speak with our Recovery Specialists today to find out more.

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