10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be Sober This Christmas

It’s great to be sober this Christmas. And not just because you’re in recovery. There are many benefits to being sober this Christmas or in any other day of the year. Even those who are not recovering from addiction can learn a thing or two from these 10 tips.


10 reasons to be sober this Christmas

1. It’s cheaper. You don’t have to buy those expensive cocktails or buy some wine. Those money for booze can be put towards gifts–and more people will be happy!

2. You won’t embarrass yourself. No weird and awkward drunk moments that you may regret later on.

3. Just enjoy watching other people. Amuse yourself by watching other drunk people go goofy and embarrass themselves.

4. It’s nice to be in control. You can be more confident around the people and family that are close to you, enjoying and remembering every special moment–especially those under the mistletoe!

5. No hangover! Greet Christmas morning and the New Year with a better disposition.

6. You’re safe. There’s no risk of accidents or getting arrested. You’re not risking your life or those of others when you’re drunk especially when you’re driving. You can even help others be their designated driver.

7. You’re at your best. Imagine those family, friends, and company photos where you look great sober this Christmas compared to those old photos of you drunk and wasted. This time, there are no scary surprises of scrolling through your news feed to find embarrassing photos of yourself in compromising situations.

8. No faking. No alcohol or drugs to lubricate social situations–it’s all you. This means that by being sober this Christmas, you have more opportunities to make better and more genuine connections with people.

9. You make quality time. When you’re not drinking, your judgment is better. You’re less likely to get into altercations with other people. Better yet–you’re more likely to focus on your loving attention to them.

10. You’re inspiring others. You never know who’s watching you. There may be other people out there who’s having a hard time getting sober on their own and you may be just what they need to kick the habit as well.

Being sober this Christmas shows that you can really enjoy the holidays without having a drink or a drug to serve as your crutch. Life is more fun sober.

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