5 Reasons to Avoid Drinking When You’re Depressed




It helps to avoid drinking, especially when you’re depressed. First of all, alcohol is a depressant, so while you may feel relaxed and relieved, your brain actually “feels” different. Find out why you should avoid drinking when you’re depressed.


You may turn to alcohol when you’re feeling down. You may turn to it when you’re feeling like you want to celebrate. You also turn to it just to relax. In fact, the media tells you there’s always a reason for alcohol. However, if you have depression, there’s no better reason to avoid drinking. This is because alcohol can trigger, and even worsen, your condition.

5 Reasons to Avoid Drinking When Depressed

1. Increase depression risk. Alcohol can trigger your genetic predisposition for developing depression. And besides, alcohol is a depressant, giving you a depressed mood. So even if you think you’re getting away from your problems, the thing is, you feel even worse–and your problems are still there.

2. Sleeping problems. Alcohol can affect your sleeping patterns. Depression already compromises your sleep quality, so if you drink alcohol to “fall asleep” or relax before bedtime, you may get to sleep, but your sleep won’t be just as good otherwise. So when you wake up, you may probably still feel heavy and in no better mood.

3. Risky behavior. Alcohol makes you uninhibited. It increases your tendency to be impulsive, making you have poor judgment. Basically, alcohol stops you from thinking straight. And when this happens, this can put you in situations that can make you even more depressed.

4. Drug interactions. When you have clinical depression and are prescribed anti-depressants, these can have dangerous interactions with alcohol. Alcohol can reduce the effects of antidepressants, for one. Mixing both can also further impair your behavior as well as make you drowsy, which can cause accidents. Some antidepressants can also be fatal when mixed with alcohol as they can trigger stroke.

5. Suicide. Abusing alcohol, or even just becoming raving drunk one night when you’re overcome with depression, can increase your suicide risk. Your judgment becomes impaired and you do things that you can’t take back, such as suicide attempts and completed suicides.

Alcohol abuse and depression often go together. If you’re experiencing both, seek help before things take a turn for the worse. Call or text us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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