Your COVID-19 Lockdown Guide for Better Mental Health



Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic in March 11, 2020, countries all over the world have taken measures to curb the rapid spread of infection. Communities and individuals have chosen to go on quarantine and lockdowns have been declared over the upcoming weeks.

covid=19 lockdown guide better mental health

As a result, travel plans have been canceled, events have been postponed or scrapped altogether, and for some, work has stopped. Panic over scarce resources ensued amidst the fear of infection. All these spell anxiety, isolation, helplessness, and depression for many.

So how can you survive this COVID-19 pandemic and still survive the negativity from outside and within?

Your COVID-19 Lockdown Guide for Better Mental Health

Your COVID-19 mindset matters

Reframe your mind from thinking that you’re stuck in your home during the quarantine period. Instead of thinking that you’re stuck or trapped, refocus your mind. You are given this time to slow down, to rest, and even focus on yourself. Or perhaps continue on some personal projects or crafts you have postponed for so long.

Use this time to pause. Focus on the internal. On yourself. Reorganize your space, create something new, or just be.

Avoid getting yourself wound up by having the right approach to this whole situation. You may even help those others around you to be more positive too.

Establish a routine

Maintain some semblance of normalcy while you’re at home. If for instance you are working from home, keep your schedule as close to how it was when you’re working. Make room for adjustments and then stick to this routine.

This will allow you to become less idle, which can lead to you overthinking or entertaining negativity–which are not good for your mental health.

By doing this, it will also be easier for you to readjust to the outside world once things return to some semblance of normalcy.

Avoid overexposure

Don’t obsess over coronavirus news. Or what’s happening on social media. This is never good for your mental health, even before this pandemic.

Learn to be highly selective of the information you’ll take, and make sure this comes from credible sources. Limit your time on social media as well, as this can trigger and overwhelm you needlessly.

Keep the order inside and outside

While you can’t control what’s happening on the outside of your home, you can control what happens in your space. Same goes for what’s happening in your mind.

Organize your home. Keep it clean. A chaotic home can lead to a chaotic mind. You may find yourself having more time to clean up and organize anyway.

Give time for your mental health

Prioritize self-care into your daily routine. Make it part of your lifestyle. Whether it’s by keeping a journal, doing art, talking to friends, or reading a book–do something that you love doing and gives you peace.

And don’t forget your phsyical health too. Inadequate nutrition can leave you lethargic and can affect your mental health too. Get enough rest and sleep, and eat healthy food.

Remember, this is a time unlike any other. Let go of your illusions of control and learn to live with that. You can only do so much Do your part in flattening the curve and be part of the solution to this global problem.

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