Escapism and Drug Use: Why People Run from Reality

When you think about drug use and addiction, you may wonder why people do it. And with this, many drug users and addicts claim that they first use it in order to escape. This attitude of escapism can then make them more prone to develop addiction, and even have a hard time to overcome it. However, there are those who argue that they use drugs to alter their minds and moods and therefore enhance their lives.

But is this really the case when addiction is involved?


More often than not, addiction develops really because of escapism. At first, they want to escape pain, suffering, or their reality. Soon, when addiction and dependence develops, they have a hard time stopping their drug use or living a sober life because they keep turning to their substances, trying to escape the effects of withdrawal. Simply put, they just want to be suspended in a state of their “high” or keep feeling that euphoria.

And while there are those who turn to drugs at first to enhance their feelings or their perceptions, this can still develop into addiction later on, as the stages of addiction will indicate.

What is even more dangerous about escapism is that it isn’t just restricted to drug use. There are also those who escape through television, video games, sex, gambling, porn, shopping, and so many more. These behaviors can also develop into compulsions, causing behavioral addictions.

The thing is, people can escape escapism by changing the way they see life. People who want to escape from their reality perceive life as futile, a drudgery, a bore, or just full of burdens. However, if you perceive life as something precious, beautiful, and the problems that go along with it as challenges to make you better and grow, then there is no need to escape.

By practicing the attitude of gratitude, for one, you can turn escapism into embracing life with all its ups and downs. By looking at your life a different way and becoming more grateful for what you have instead of nitpicking the things that are not going well or just focusing on what you don’t have, you find out that you don’t need to escape.

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