How Loneliness and Depression Paves the Way for Addiction




Many people associate drug and alcohol abuse with parties. And it’s not wrong. Many of those who abuse drugs and alcohol seem to be the opposite of lonely. They go out, have fun with friends, and get high.

Media isn’t helping either. They glamorize alcohol and drug use like it’s cool and people who do it are awesome. But this is so far from reality. People who are abusing drugs and alcohol or are downright addicted to these substances are on a predictable downward spiral that leaves destruction in its wake.

More likely, these people who are always present in the happening places around people who use like them may also come home, drinking or using alone. This compulsion is paralleled to a developing chemical dependency that persists until everything they hold dear goes away. They become disconnected from their families, friends, jobs, and even from their own selves.

Thus, the continuing cycle of loneliness and depression goes.


Loneliness and Depression Paves for Addiction

Many psychologists believe that humans are not built for loneliness, as belonging to a group or a family increases our chance for survival. However, modern times have made loneliness and isolation a reality for many, therefore feeding their predisposition to also develop addiction.

In fact, isolation, loneliness and depression are linked with addiction. People may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with trauma and stress instead of connecting with others. They have self-esteem issues that isolate them. They may also turn to these substances to boost their confidence or make them feel good about themselves,

Community Helps in Recovery

For active addicts who then turn to rehab treatment for sobriety and recovery, being around peers and building fellowship can help them cope not just with cravings. They can also draw strength from the people around them to help them go through their lives, uplift their spirit as well as their mood, and give them hope with their lives.

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