Mobile Legends Addiction: How Excessive Gaming Damages You



These days, kids and adults alike own mobile phones jam-packed with apps that can easily occupy their whole day. One of these apps is probably Mobile Legends, a popular mobile game. 

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Come to think of it, games are there to help reduce the stress and anxiety of every day demands in work or in school. However, from Clash of Clans to Mobile Legends and many other games, on mobiles and even in PC and console formats, these game applications have turned out to cause excessive gaming and even gaming addiction.

Many people, from kids to teenagers and adults are even willing to spend money to get access to more game features. They may also neglect their other responsibilities as they are crouched over their phones trying to get ahead in the game. This is when it becomes excessive gaming, or even problematic gaming. There are those who also get treated for a behavioral addiction gcalled gaming addiction.

What we may not realize is that there are real dangers from these video games, when left unchecked and unregulated. Let’s break them down.

Dangers of Excessive Gaming

1. Excessive preoccupation. If a person is unable to do anything else other than playing with video games or mobile games, then that’s a red flag. Whether it’s a child or an adult, excessive gaming steals away their time for other more fulfilling and more productive things. If they abandon their old hobbies that don’t involve video games, are constantly preoccupied by the idea of their next gaming session, these can lead to gaming addiction.

2. Dangers to the health. There are many who lose sleep and skip meals in order to play these games. There are also risks for childhood obesity, as well as headaches, backaches, eye-strain, and many other conditions brought by sitting in front of a computer or over a mobile phone for extended periods of time.

3. Relationship problems. Because their attention is always on their games, they may cease to be present for their families and friends. They may not hold conversations with them, or may entirely skip events altogether just to play with their games.

4. Increased aggression. Violent video games can also make the gamers violent, especially the younger ones. These children may develop a detached view of society and humanity and have aggressive thoughts and tendencies when they grow up.

5. Poor performance. Whether it’s in school, at home, at work, or in life in general. Those who are addicted to video games may fail to perform well or meet the tasks required of him.

Video game addiction is a behavioral addiction that can be treated with the right form of therapy. For help, you may call us at 09175098826.


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