Today’s Marijuana: 10 Things You Need to Know

If marijuana conjures images of the mellow, peaceful hippie culture of the 70s, then you’ll be surprised to know that today’s marijuana is so much different than what it was decades ago.

For starters, today’s marijuana is so much more potent than before, thanks to the many hybridizations and strains that are now being grown. 


If you want to know how different today’s marijuana is, then read on to find out.

Today’s Marijuana: What’s Different?

  1. Today’s marijuana is more potent. THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component of marijuana. It’s responsible for its hallucinogenic and mind-altering effects.Today’s marijuana has THC levels that has 6 times more THC than marijuana from 20 years ago.
  2. Today’s marijuana is more potentially addictive. Since the THC levels of marijuana are high, this means users experience more “high” with just a few amounts of the drug.
  3. There’s less CBD. Though the THC levels are high, the CBD, or cannabidiol, component within marijuana sold today is very low. Some don’t even have this. CBD, or cannabidiol, is responsible for the health benefits of marijuana. It also counteracts the negative effects brought by THC.
  4. Marijuana can cause or aggravate mental health problems. THC levels in today’s marijuana causes people to develop paranoia, anxiety, and schizophrenia.
  5. Marijuana use is on the rise. Today, more people report using marijuana at least once in their life. There are also a significant number of people who use marijuana on a regular basis even if it’s illegal.
  6. It can cause vehicular accidents. That is, among other things. Due to the potency of marijuana, users are advised to pause a while before the next toke, because of the potent effects that the weed could bring.
  7. Experimenting with edibles can be dangerous. When it comes to eating marijuana in the form of edibles or as an ingredient, the effect takes longer to come out, as the cannabis needs to be processed by the liver before it enters your bloodstream. Eating a lot of edibles can turn into a big problem once the full effect hits you, after 40 to 60 minutes.
  8. There are more new ways to enjoy weed today. Vaping is used by many, as this doesn’t burn the weed, only heating it enough to create vapor. People prefer this to avoid the strong smell of weed. Many other products have come our containing weed, such as beverages, tinctures, lotions, oils, and so on.
  9. Regular use of marijuana can alter the balance of your brain. In fact, marijuana can cause paranoia and alter the brain’s chemistry in ways that could be irreparable for long-term, hard-core users.
  10. More legal dispensaries are selling high-THC weed. There’s an imbalance in the market when it comes to the THC and CBD containing products. It’s apparent that the market prefers high-THC strains and have some that virtually have no CBD, thus there’s no neuroprotective component to the weed they use.

There’s still a need to re-evaluate the market and the goals in the medical and recreational niches of marijuana. Here in the Philippines where the drug is still illegal, it’s best to educate people about the dangers of marijuana and what’s really happening.

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