5 Things Addicts in Recovery Should Know About Sobriety

Addicts in recovery can find sobriety very difficult at first. As they go along, they will see the rewards of sobriety and how it can change their lives for the better.

Having a life led by and centered on substances like drugs and alcohol, imagining a life sober can be very difficult. After all, the addiction is on the wheel and can have a very tight grip on the addict’s life. However, once they get to be treated in facilities such as Bridges of Hope, they will understand that how they have been living their lives is totally wrong and destructive. They will also learn more life skills that will help them cope and make better decisions instead of resorting to these addictive substances.


Addicts in recovery should also realize that while sobriety can be challenging at first, there are many things that you should know about it.

Things Addicts in Recovery Should Know About Recovery

1. It fades from the foreground. After getting out of treatment, addicts in recovery plan their lives around their sobriety and program. Their sobriety becomes the top priority. Sometimes, they can feel like they’re life revolves around sobriety, which it does, at first. However, as years pass by, sobriety becomes second nature and it becomes part of who they are, so the effort has really just become what they really are.

2. It’s only in the beginning that it feels limiting. At first, sobriety for addicts in recovery could feel like revamping their life completely. They would have to do things they aren’t used to doing, or give up the life they once had. They have to avoid doing certain things they are used to doing, that’s why it could feel constricting. However, with enough time, they learn the gifts sobriety can being. They become more confident, healthier, and better.

3. Sobriety becomes a source of pride rather than shame. For addicts in recovery, it can be quite awkward for newly recovered to talk about their recovery journey. It can also feel embarrassing and there may be shame and guilt involved. Eventually, they become comfortable sharing their story, and looking back at how far they’ve gone, it becomes a source or fulfillment and pride.

4. It becomes natural to talk about their sobriety. People may not be ready to talk about sobriety in front of those addicts in recovery who have recently gone out of rehab. They may tiptoe around the topic, and the same goes for those addicts in recovery. They may not be as ready to talk about their journey, but in time, it becomes less of a taboo topic.

5. Your drive to stay sober evolves. Initially, after rehab, their motivation to stay sober may be different from their motivation after many years into their sobriety. The drive of addicts in recovery to stay sober will have deeper roots.

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