5 Things to Tell Yourself When You Want a Drink This Holiday Season




For many drinkers, declining even a sip of alcohol can be a big challenge especially this holiday season . After all, what harm can it do? Having a drink this holiday season is in fact the norm as many people get together and celebrate over beers, wines, and cocktails.


While a drink can indeed be harmless, it can mean the difference between a healthy life and a downward spiral for a recovering alcoholic or even a recovering drug addict. And if you’re any of those, then you need to tell yourself these 5 things when you want a drink this holiday season.

5 Things to Tell Yourself When You Want a Drink This Holiday Season

1. It’s not really worth it. Think about it. Is taking a sip of alcohol really worth the risk of relapsing? Of spiraling downwards into addiction again? If you drink, you will just end up feeling disappointed with yourself, and then you might resort to drinking again to cover it up–before you know it, you’re back where you have tried so hard to escape from and overcome.

2. You know there’s a reason you stopped drinking. Before you got into rehab, you have admitted that you have a problem. You have made bad choices in the past, got yourself in trouble, broken ties, disappointed and hurt your family, and who-knows-what. When it came down to it, you’ve had enough of that old life and that’s why you’ve stopped drinking.

3. Remember what happened to you when you drank? Try to conjure images of you when you were intoxicated. Look back on the things you’ve done and how it can be like that–or worse–again. It would help to think about those really awful things that happened to you when you drank.

4. This desire is temporary. So you’re craving now. Remember that it will pass. Think about how far you’ve come. This feeling that you have right now will also pass. You’ll get through it. Remember how being sober is the best thing you’ve done for yourself and the people you love.

5. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. If you take that sip, who knows where that would lead to. Who knows where you’ll end up tomorrow? Or for the rest of your life? For a recovering substance abuser or addict, the options can be grim. If you don’t drink, however, you know you’ll end up home, feeling great the next morning, and getting on with rebuilding your life anew–better, more positive, and more meaningful. And nothing can beat all that.

In your recovery journey, it’s the small choices that you consciously make that can mean the difference between life-long recovery and destruction. You can make the choice. Hope these tips help as you navigate through the holidays and beyond.

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