5 Things to Tell Yourself When You Want a Drink This Holiday Season


For many drinkers, declining even a sip of alcohol can be a big challenge especially this holiday season . After all, what harm can it do? Having a drink this holiday season is in fact the norm as many people get together and celebrate over beers, wines, and cocktails. Read More

10 Tips to Make it Through the Holidays Without Relapsing


For someone who just came out of rehab, going through the holidays without relapsing can be a challenge. You have to deal with family interactions, some of them intense and strained. The following tips can help you endure the holidays while still keeping your sobriety and commitment to a life-long recovery.

Holidays like Christmas provide people a great opportunity to be with family and friends. Many are looking forward to the holidays because of this. However, as a recovering addict, you may just not feel the sentiment. At least not yet. Read More

How to be Grateful This Holiday Season


This time of the year can be very stressful. All the holiday preparations, making sure everyone has presents and all the holiday meal groceries and menus are made, the parties attended, the list goes on. Things can become so chaotic this holiday season that the real meaning of Christmas can get lost.

Guess what–there’s a lot more things to celebrate than the food on the table, the gifts under the Christmas tree, the clothes on your back. For one, just the fact that you’re alive and sober is worth celebrating enough. Read More

5 Ways Addicts Feel Hopeless About Overcoming Addiction


Overcoming addiction can seem impossible for those who have been in active addiction for years. Even for those who are in recovery can still feel some form of fear or unease, as if the addiction may still catch up to them.

Here’s the truth: addiction is a trap. At first, you get lured to something you think is just harmless, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or an activity such as gambling or shopping. You tell yourself you can stop anytime or that you’re not hurting anyone. Read More

Tips to Avoid Idleness in Addiction Recovery


To avoid idleness in addiction recovery, you have to commit to disciplining your mind and body. Boredom, after all, while not a strong emotion, still poses as one of the biggest triggers for relapse.

As the saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” And this can never be any truer when it comes to addiction. Often, people who are bored and idle resort to drugs or alcohol as a convenient or exciting escape. Soon, they find themselves creating a pattern until this develops into addiction. Then one day, they’ll just wake up with no way to stop, spiraling downwards in destruction. Read More

How to Make any Holiday a Sober Celebration


Sober celebration may have been impossible and even laughable to you in the past, when you were in active addiction. But now that you’re in recovery, you have to see the many perks of having a sober celebration during the holidays.

Holidays and traditions are inevitable. Where once you use it to get away from family and get high, or get intoxicated, the bottom line is, these events can make or break your recovery now. Read More

How to Recognize High Risk Factors for Addiction Relapse


For some, addiction relapse is part of their recovery journey. That, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be avoided. There are many high-risk factors and red flags that you can watch out for in order to prevent addiction relapse.

Recovery is an ongoing, life-long process. It doesn’t mean that once you get out of rehab, there’s nothing more to do. Recovery doesn’t really end.  Read More

6 Common Fears in Recovery–And What You Can Do About Them


After a lifestyle centered on drug and alcohol abuse, change to sober living can be scary. This is why many people who undergo addiction treatment and rehabilitation have many fears in recovery. At times, these fears can cause them to be discouraged and disillusioned, causing relapse and a deeper slump into addiction. Read More

Rising from Addiction: What You Can Learn From Easter


Easter Sunday and the Holy Week in general may have come and gone, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take away important lessons from the season.

Easter is a time of revival. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this season marks change, as life blossoms again after winter. Even those in the tropics such as the Philippines, can also experience a sense of renewal and change. Easter reminds us of hope, new beginnings, and of course, redemption. Read More

Abstinence VS Moderation VS Addiction


Abstinence can be intimidating for anyone. The same can’t even be truer for those who are in recovery. Let’s take a look at what abstinence is and how it is different from moderation as you embark on your journey towards recovery.

Read More