Easter and Addiction Recovery: Redemption and Renewal



What can we learn from Easter and addiction recovery? How can we find hope, redemption, and renewal in these troubling times?

Celebrating Easter this year may be subdued and approached with caution, as we continue to face the sobering realities of COVID-19. More than a year after the pandemic, we are still grappling the life-changing impact of the pandemic, especially here in the Philippines with unprecedented daily surges of cases.

However, let this not take away from the meaning of Easter, especially for those who have loved ones who are addicted or are in recovery. Easter is an important reminder of hope. A time of rebirth, renewal, and redemption.

Easter and Addiction: The Parallels

If you are a family member of someone with addiction to substances such as meth (or shabu), cocaine, prescription drugs or alcohol, this may seem daunting. It’s hard to think of Easter with hope when you are in chaos. Same goes for loved ones with behavioral addictions such as gambling, sex, porn, or mobile games.

This Easter season may bring us many conflicting feelings. After all, we’re still in the midst of something unprecedented. And while we may not like our situation, living with a loved one with addiction. We may be filled with so much uncertainty and helplessness. However, we have no where to go as we are in the midst of a lockdown.

We all know the story behind the Holy Week, and Jesus’ resurrection on Easter. It’s the perfect story and inspiration on Easter and Addiction. How something that seemed impossible and hopeless can be turned around. How things can still get better.

Because of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection, we can all live again because of Him. We can hope for a better life, because we are saved. We can also save ourselves and each other.

Forget the bunnies and the eggs and the drinks and celebrations. Easter is about your relationship not only with Jesus and with God, but also your relationship with yourself. How are you holding on to Christ’s promise of renewal? How are you holding on to Christ’s promise of hope?

For those who have an addicted loved one, Easter and addiction may be a bad combination, but remember: this is the perfect time to start anew. Urge your loved ones to get help.

And, if you are in recovery, may this season be your celebration of hope and a new life.

Happy Easter! May you all continue to be safe and healthy, and to hang on to hope that things will get better. We will recover and we will greet life anew once this pandemic ends. For the meantime, observe the health guidelines, wear your masks and face shields properly, and stay home whenever possible.

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